Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sunsets Honour Special Bloggers

Today, I am nominating 11 people for the special Liebster Award.
I have posted 11 sunsets, one for each of them.  
They can pick their own.
Details are at the end of this post and others bloggers might be interested in knowing a little bit more about myself.

All Sunsets Taken At My 'Old Caravan'.
I have not been blogging long, just over 4 months and I follow many more blogs than the ones mentioned below, however many of them have over 200 followers and don't qualify for this award.   I am very grateful to them all, because ALL of them have been extremely helpful in some way in my blogging experience.    There may be one of the below just over 200 by the time I have got round to doing this.  I love the humour, information and fantastic photography that ALL bloggers bring into my life. 

 Many thanks for all who share and leave comments  as I cannot leave replies on blogger still!!!
Here goes.

Liebster Award Nomination
Lynn from ‘Lynn Says Hello From France’ - has nominated my blog as one of her Liebster award choices.   Many thank to Lynn. 

The Rules are as follows:
   1. You must thank the person who nominated you for the award.
   2. You must write 11 facts/things about yourself.
   3. You must answer 11 questions from your nominator.
   4. You must nominate 11 others bloggers who have 200 or less followers
       and tag them in your acceptance post.
   5. You must create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer in their
       acceptance post.
   6. You must notify your 11 nominees on their blog, so they can accept their
       award and hopefully carry on the process.
   7. You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
   8. After this is all done you may add the Liebster Award button to your blog.

My 11 random facts about myself are:
1.            I have put my hand in a large Kangaroos’ pooch with her joey standing by!
2.            I flew over the Victoria Falls in a Helicopter.
3.            I smoked a pipe for 3 months when I was 22 years old!
4.            I worked on a hospital ship in Sierra Leone.
5.            I have seen the Barrier Reef by diving around it and flying in a Helicopter over it.
6.            I owned a Basset Hound dog once.
7.            I am a born again Christian.
8.            I hate eating liver or kidney.
9.            I play badminton and walk to keep ‘fit’.
10.          I am retired from Nursing, being a B&B proprietor and teaching a City & Guilds Course.
11.          I have 2 daughter and 4 grandchildren.

11 questions from Lynn are:
    1. Did you follow a favourite sport as an adolescent? 
 I played hockey at school and badminton at a youth club.
    2. Do you sing in a Choir or the shower?
 I have sung in a choir from the age of 8.
    3. Is it easier to remember important facts or trivial? 
Not sure, if it’s something very important, then I make more of an effort of remember the facts.
    4. Do you dance the Tango? 
Yes. (Well in the past, now only sequence Tango)  Always looking for a dancing partner!!
    5. Have you realized a lifelong dream, if so which one? 
Yes, I dreamt of working in Africa and I have done that.
    6. Do you own a bicycle with an attachment for children or pets? 
No.  No children at home and no pets now.
    7. Have you been up to the top of the Statue of Liberty? 
No, just to the bottom of it in a boat.
    8. Who taught you to drive? 
My father.
    9. Do you listen for the sounds of the sea in a seashell?   
Yes, I have done that many times.
    10. Do you keep a journal?  
No, but at least since starting blogging, I will know some of the things and places I go and see.
    11. Do you still build sandcastles?   
Yes, when I am with my grandchildren on the beach.

The 11 nominee blogs that I follow and I have put them in alphabetical order:

1.       Cheryl: The Farmer’s Daughter -
2.       CT: Countryside Tales -
3.       Em:  Dartmoor Ramblings -
4.       Gunilla:  Gbkoru -
5.       Irma: Irma’s Nature Experience -
6.       Karen: Away For The Weekend -
7.       Keith: Caldecotte Lake -
8.       Pete: Pete’s Flap -
9.       Peter:  Forest Snapper -
10.   Roy:  Roy’s Nature Logbook -
11.   Trevor:  Three Counties Herald -

11 Questions for my nominees to answer.
  1. What do you consider the most important thing in your life?
  2. Who had the most influential in your life?
  3. What was your favourite country that you have travelled to and why?
  4. If you could only choose 1 song, what would it be and why?
  5. What animal or insect are you most like and why?
  6. What piece of electrical equipment would you NOT like to be without?
  7. What is your worst fault?
  8. What is your funniest experience?
  9. If you could live life over again, would you change anything?
  10. Is there any other century you would have liked to live in, if you weren’t poor and why?
  11. What is your pet hate?

This has been fun putting this together and ALL nominees have been informed on their blog.
Thanks again Lynn and I pass the ball on to the above nominees.
I hope you may wish to participate however if not, I will understand.


  1. Hi Margaret, thanks for the nomination!
    I must say what a wealth of life experience you have had!
    I don't think I'll get around to participating as I get in to enough trouble spending too much time with me little birding posts! I'll still be keeping an eye on your posts of course!
    I am intrigued that you must see my blog URL as a site - it works just the same yet it's all over here!

  2. Excellent post, Margaret! So enjoyed learning more about you and congratulations on your award!! I love that you have put your hand in a kangaroo's pouch!! We visited with a young joey that a family had rescued. Very interesting creatures! Wishing you a wonderful day. blessings ~ tanna

  3. I always enjoy sunsets and sunrise images, like them all to be fair.

  4. Top of the class to you, that is a lovely sunset, thanks Margaret.

  5. beautiful sunset photos, what interesting path you've taken...super 11!!

  6. Beautiful pictures of sunsets and another eleven different. I have no sunset to capture this year but unfortunately I can really watch for hours.

    Greetings, Helma

  7. Beautiful skies! I also seem not to be able to leave replies to individual posts on my Blogspot blog-- The text I enter does not appear but a white box stays in its place. However, I can use the "Comment" link and post replies that way. there. It must have something to do with the settings or maybe I am required to upgrade.

  8. congrats to you and to your nominees, several of which i follow and love.

    wow! you have led a very full and interesting life, thus far! #1 was very cool but #4 impressed the heck out of me. bless you!

  9. HI Folks I am trying another way to leave replies. I thank Pete, Kerri, Tanna, Douglas and Bob for their comments.

  10. HI Lynn and Helma

    Glad you liked the sunsets. Hope this new route for answering your comments works!


  11. Hi Ken Well as you can see, I have been able to leave replies through the open ID comment way!! Many thanks for your help on this matter. Glad you liked the sunsets. Margaret

  12. That's lovely and congratulations on your award Margaret. Fun to read a little more about you.

  13. Goodness, I got so interested in reading I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your photos, they are brilliant :)

  14. Hi Ken as you can see I am leaving replies via open ID in comments and it seems to be working. Many thanks for your help in this matter. Glad you liked the sunsets. Margaret

  15. Congratulations on your award! It is also good to know you are a new blogger, so I have been following you almost from the beginning. And so good to get to know you more by reading these facts, you have sure led an adventuresome life! Your sunsets are beautiful! My favorites are #8 and the last one

  16. Beautiful shots Margaret! All my boys played hockey, I have to say it's my favorite sport to watch.

  17. There are some super sunsets there Margaret - just the job for a sundowner or two.

  18. Thanks so much Margaret. I'll try and do this when I find the time! Gorgeous sunsets.

  19. Hi Em your welcome. Just do it when you have time. I am glad you liked the sunsets.

  20. Hi Phil Glad you enjoyed the sunsets.

  21. Hi Judy thanks for comment. Interestint that your boys play hockey

  22. Hi Ginny Many thanks for your kind comments and hopefully over time we can get to know each other more.

  23. Hi Denise Many thanks for your kind comments and glad you enjoyed reading the post.

  24. Hi Denise Many thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed reading the post.

  25. Very interesting and fun to learn more about you. I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  26. Hi Mildred Glad you enoyed reading my post, Have a great weekend yourself.Margaret

  27. Hi Margaret, thank you for nominating me. My favourite shot above is the second from last, it looks very peaceful now that the sun has set.
    Apologies, but there are very good reasons why I do not wish to take part in your exercise.
    Thanks again anyway. Regards Roy.

    1. Hi Roy Many thanks for your comments and glad you liked the sunsets. I appreciate that you have let me know you will not be taking up the award. Have a great weekend. Margaret

  28. Hi Roy Thanks for your comments and for letting me know that you do not wish to accept the award. Have a great weekend. Margaret

  29. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for the nomination. I will try and get round to it over the weekend. Bit busy here at present with the school hols. You have done some amazing things! CT x

  30. Hi CT No pressure. Do it when you have time.Margaret

  31. Thanks for the nomination Margaret.
    I'll do my best to have a go; I might even get around to doing a blog post soon lol

    1. Hi Keith This is now the third time I have tried to reply either way!! Thanks for your comment. Take you time and it would be good to have a postfrom you soon. Margaret

  32. Hi Keith Thanks for comment and do it when you feel like it. Yes it would be good to have a post from you again, I have missed them as I am sure others have also. As you can see, I still cannot post replies the normal way, however another blogger suggested this other way. I use the open ID in comment and although it dos not show my name - Margaret Adamson, it does show the name birdingforpleasure. I suppose that is better than nothing. Margaret

  33. Beautiful sunsets photos, Margaret! Sounds like you have had a very exciting life! Congrats to you and your nominations. I will be visiting them soon. Have a happy weekend!

    1. HI EileenThanks for your comments. Yes Life can be eciting although you haveonly seen a glimpse! Margaret

  34. Hi Keith and Eileen Many thanks for comments. this is the 4th attempt at leaving a reply to both of you!!!

  35. Hiya Margaret. Don't worry about the comment problem too much. I've checked the 'subscribe to comments' box, so I get an e-mail notification of your comment anyway; even if it doesn't show on your blog. Blogger can be very frustrating at times.

  36. HI Keith Yesterday it was working with the open ID, today it is hit and miss.

  37. Thank you Margaret, I'm honoured! I'm sorry, but I don't think I will be participating.

  38. Very interesting information about you!
    Thanks for providing those links. I will be sure to check them out.

  39. Hi Margaret, I am very honored that you have nominated me.
    But I will not participate, I'm sorry, when I read what I have to do, it is too much work for me.