Saturday, 6 September 2014

SATURDAY CRITTERS - Tilly the pup - My last farewell

As some of you will know, I have a daughter Gilian who's home is on the Isle of Wight.   That is where Tilly the pup lived.  Always I took her for walks to her favourite beach when I visited.  Sadly she is no longer with us because a some weeks ago, Gillian came down first thing in the morning to find her dead.  Tilly had got into the cereal cupboard and suffocated on the inside bag of one of the boxes.

  These are the last photographs I have of her from my previous visit in March.  The family miss her a lot.

The family had her body cremated and took her remains to her favourite beach when the tide fully out.  They walked out until they reached a rock that Tilly loved to play around and scattered her remains there.   
They renamed the rock - Tilly's Rock.
We will all miss her.

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  1. I know how you all must feel .... i dont need to say any more.


  2. Oh so sad! What a beautiful and loving dog ~ healing hugs to all ~ Great photography!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Oh God that's awful, Margaret. I'm so sorry to read this.

  4. How tragic-- who could have foreseen the danger?

  5. So sad to hear that this happened Margaret, and know your daughter feels devastated. Lovely to have placed her ashes though in a place that she loved. What a freak thing to have happened.

  6. What a beautiful furry member of the family. Fitting tribute.

  7. Oh no!! I am so very sorry. I know that all of you will never forget her. What a strange accident too. She was so beautiful! I hope that after their deep mourning is done, they will think about getting another dog who will bring as much joy into their lives.

  8. Margaret!
    When leaving beloved dog, for all this is a great experience.
    We sincerely sympathize.
    I wish you a happy Sunday.

  9. How sad! I had no idea that could be a danger. What a sweet-looking little dog.

  10. Oh my first Eileen's post last week and then poor Tilly. So sad. I have been giving the Crazy Poodle extra hugs this week.
    Hugs to you all from Down Under.
    Wren x

  11. How very sad . . . handsome, beautiful pup!

  12. I'm so sorry, that's so sad for you all.

  13. How sad...what a beautiful pup! So sorry for your family's loss, Margaret.

  14. A very sad account. I'm sorry for the loss of your Tilly.

  15. Margaret,
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
    My condolences.

  16. oh I cant believe how many dogs have passed away this year. My sons dog died n August.
    My dog died many years ago. I still miss her.

    Sorry to hear of this beautiful pup had to go so soon Margaret.