Friday, 21 March 2014

Newtown Nature Reserve Explored (final)

I am continuing with my photographs that I took in February at Newtown Nature Reserve.  It was a beautiful day with blue skies, wonderful clouds formations and different shaped trees so I hope this post gives you a flavour of this wonderful site.  I will also show you the rest of the birds I saw that day.   I think, as there are quite a lot of photographs, you may wish to put it into slide mode and just enjoy the shots. This is a short video at the end of Dark bellied Brent Geese

A Mute Swan waddled out of the muddy water to have a chat with me!


In the distance is where the Lesser Spotted Margaret and Greater Spotted Eileen had our coffee break.  Below is a nearer shot of the boat house.

 This tree is sometimes where a Little Owl hangs out however unfortunately not that day.

This is a view from the hide.

This is another part of the reserve and the photographs are taken from a harbour pier and where we stopped to have a picnic lunch.


This is another part of the reserve and the photographs are taken from a harbour pier and where we stopped to have a picnic lunch.  Do you see the Dark bellied Brent in the sky?  I have a very short video of them at the end of this post.

I thought the light on this male Mallard was wonderful as sometimes it’s head was green, then blue/purple.

Wigeon – male

Wigeon – female


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as Eileen and I enjoyed our day at Newtown Nature Reserve.

You can access the short video at

if there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

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  1. Oh yes, beautiful scenery, and the birds, Curlew, Wigeons and more.

  2. Wonderful series, lovely scenery and not only did I enjoy the birds but loved the gnarly old trees. The video was fun to watch also. Thanks Margaret!

  3. A beautiful view out over the brown grasses. It must be even more beautiful in the summer when everything is green. Have a lovely weekend, Margaret!

  4. Love all of the personality of the trees that you have captured here! Aren't the bare trees beautiful, each so different in how they have grown. Sort of like people...... Also love that coffee house for the "lesser spotted Margaret". How much fun you both must have had this day!

  5. Margaret, so beautiful. I really like photos of dead wood, driftwood, or whatever the trees are called when in a marsh like that.

  6. Beautiful photos, Margaret!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Margaret... George and I love to take photos of old trees/dead trees, etc... They are SO interesting!!!!! (Isn't photography fun?)

    Love seeing your birds. We saw some Mute Swans along with some ducks, etc. when we were in Ohio last week. I'll blog about that sometime.


  8. Those ducks are always so busy preening themselves!! Gorgeous close-ups and I love the trees!!

  9. OK<so I was going to comment on which is my favourite,but that quickly became impossible.Each one is lovely.I really do like some of the earlier ones with the dead tree in them.

  10. Loved it. And like Ruth's Photo Blog, I had too many favourites to comment on.

  11. The setting is as beautiful as the birds. All of your photos are gorgeous.

  12. Nice pictures. I often wonder how far people would travel to see a Mallard if they were rare!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  13. This seems to be a wonderful place. The mallard is beautiful with his color-changing feathers. Love all the trees, must be wonderful for the birds and the wigeon and curlews are very interesting. It is always fun to meet birds at a closer range and feel the tiny feet on one´s hand. I appreciate the pictures of the birds coming to your hand. I wish you a great weekend!

  14. Trees of different shapes to tell different experiences and histories.

  15. It looks like a wonderful place to hike and bird! I love all the species you saw!