Thursday, 6 March 2014

Birds, Animals and Plants on Walk to Yacht Club

What a wonderfully sunny (can I say spring) day last Saturday for our walk to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club with Tilly.  I know some of you are still experiencing very cold and snowy weather so I hope this post brightens up your day.  These photographs were all taken on this walk so perhaps you could grab a cuppa, put it into slide mode and just enjoy.  These flowers below certainly are all spring flowers. 

Tree covered in blossom

This shot was taken through a hedge and I hope you can see the carpet of Snowdrops.

On this walk, that is all off road, a lot of the land belongs to Quarr Abbey and in this shot you can see they keep the hedge cut down and provide a seat so that you can take in the view with the sea in the distance.  Below are 3  horses.

This is Quarr Abbey which I have written about in a previous post (see in labels if interested)

We stopped at another seat and waited for these horses to pass us.

The Monks look after Bees.

View from Yacht Club.  The following shots were all taken as
 I sat at the end of the slipway.


This is the tender belonging to the Yacht Club named Victoria that Gillian and Chris took Tilly on.  (yesterday's post)

Tilly checking out the flotation aids on the boat.  That dog is no fool!

 Rope and  Cleat


Raft past its sell by date!

Just behind the raft was the Wightlink Ferry coming in.

Mooring Buoy

 We popped into the Yacht Club for a drink and this is
 one of two of their stain glass doors.

 On walking homeward, there were quite a number of small woodland birds around however they were all too busy courting or feeding and the Robin was the only one who wanted his photograph taken!

The round balls on these tree are the Mistletoe plant.

There were wonderful fluffy clouds present against the blue sky.

Lovely to see the red Tulips and white Crocus.

 Wonderful colours of the Mahonia japonica

Now I didn’t know what kind of Sheep they were, however Trevor from The Herald informs me that the brown/black ones are Shetland and the ones with spots are Jacob sheep.  Thanks Trevor.

A stand off and that Sheep is saying to this Jackdaw, 'This is our field, clear off'!

 As we approahced home, we were meet with this 
beautiful bank of blue Anenome blanda.

Many thanks for visiting today and
 also to those who left comments on any of my blogs.


  1. What a beautiful day for a walk. I loved the horses and the sheep.

  2. Love the scenic shots and all the animals. One of my favorite is of the sheep with the Jackdaw! Have a happy day!

  3. lovely series again Margaret; good that you have some sunshine to enjoy so can get out and about

  4. My word, Margaret! Your Spring is so much more advanced than ours. Your fabulous images have gladdened my heart. Thank you!

  5. Lovely colourful 'springtime' images and scenes from the waterfront Margaret, looks like the perfect place for a walk?
    I think the sheep are maybe a mixture of Shetland (the black ones) and Jacob (the spotty ones) not 100% sure though. Try a Google search and then you'll be as confused as me!!!!...[;o)

  6. A nice lot of Spring colours in this post Margaret.
    I think you can say 'Spring', but don't say it too loudly yet.{:))

  7. Enjoyed seeing your snaps. Loved the first one. It is welcoming spring with colorful blossoms!

  8. Amazing photos. Have a great day.

  9. love your shots Margaret, and you have captured spring here. That abbey looks like such a beautiful place to visit, and love that they have bees. Great shot of those black sheep here. I keep waiting for spring in texas, and we have a day or two where it feels as if it might be coming, and then back to winter. have a wonderful day!

  10. Such an interesting walk. Enjoy your day!

  11. What a lovely walk and beautiful least there is Spring somewhere in the world!!

  12. So many pretty images to comment on I don't know where to begin! Love the robin and tulips/crocus shot. Oh, and the fluffy clouds. Amazing!

  13. A beautiful day to go out and breathe the fresh air of IOW. And why not take a camera with yourself, brilliat images as well.

  14. I loved seeing the photos you took on your walk Margaret. Great shots all of them.

  15. Love the black sheep and raven shot Margaret -- spring seems to be well on it's way where you are! Lovely shots.

  16. Margaret, absolutely wonderful spring pictures.
    I admire the lovely crocuses, daffodils, anemones ...
    Wonderful animals.
    Your post is very nice.
    I love to admire the flora and fauna.

  17. Thank you for the breath of spring. Sorely in need of it here.

  18. It's wonderful to see green grass and flowers in bloom. Hopefully we'll have both around here before too long. I enjoyed all of your photos from your walk.

  19. Ahh,yes,those pictures make me feel the warmth of spring.

  20. So many great photos in this post! I guess you can say that spring has sprung...

  21. Lovely spring blossom and a happy Robin.

  22. You already have cherry blossoms? We won't get any until early May here!