Thursday, 10 October 2013

Castle Espie HIstory

On Monday and Tuesday of this week my posts have covered some of the wildfowl from the collection at Castle Espie and also we have looked into the Duckery.  Today I am going outside that area to show you what it looks like beyond that.  As we past through the gate, to the left we see a Crannog.  I will tell through photos some of the history surrounding this Centre.
  You may have to zoom in on some of the photos

One of the small ponds.  

That path leads to the Brent hide which gives very good views over the Strangford Lough but I did not go there this time as the tide was out.

I hope you can read these as they have got a bit dirty.

 This is the entrance into the Crannog.

 I don't know why they had both these door handles on the door.

Ceiling of Crannog

Window on the round.


This is the kind of broom they would have brushed the floor with.

 Outside showing how it was built under the roof.

Limestone Pavilion

View from Limestone Pavilion

Pump House

I will show you more about the remains of this pier tomorrow.

I hope you understand more about what went on on this site before the WWT was in operation.  
Tomorrow I will show you the wild life I found as I walked around this area.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you will look in 
again tomorrow to see the wildlife.

Many thanks for your comments on any of my blog.


  1. This is so interesting, I have never seen anything like it! I am glad you let us peek in the Crannog! It reminds me of a Yurt.

    1. HI Ginny Very glad you found this post interesting. Thanks for comments today and yesterday.

  2. I always enjoy industrial archaeology. This is a wonderful brick kiln. A pity it still isn't there. The lime kilns are pretty much the same the world over but it's good to see them.

  3. i like the entrance into the Crannog!

    1. HI Carole Glad youliked the Crannog's entrance and thanks for comment.

  4. Hi Adrian Glad you liked the pos today. Thanks for comments today and yesterday. I amjust about t make a picnic before Eileen and I set off to bird for the day.

  5. What a wonderful cabin.
    Beautiful area to photograph.

  6. What a cool place to visit. The wetlands look beautiful. Wonderful tour and photos, Margaret!

  7. Fascinating and very interesting post with some lovely photos :) It looks a superb place to visit. Looking forward too to the next post on wildlife.

  8. Very interesting post Margaret, I enjoyed reading, and learning, all about the workings of the brick kiln. It would be good to be able to go back in time for a day and see it working at full capacity, although not a very healthy environment to work in, I guess?...[;o)

  9. Fascinating post Margaret, and very interesting.
    Looks like a place I could spend a few wandering around.

  10. really really cool hut. and rustic handles. :) meat and not much else for winter. i can understand w/o knowing how to preserve any greenery or fruits and veggies.

  11. What a place. Thank you. And vegetariam me would have become quite thin...

  12. Margaret, the first time I've seen such a place.
    I admire all your great photos.
    Marvel at the views.
    I send greetings.