Saturday, 26 October 2013

Birding at Killtoga Nature Reserve

On Saturday's post I usually show you and give you information on 1 bird, however today I am taking you with me on a walk I did on Monday with my bird group round the lake at Kiltonga Nature Reserve. In July 2000 the Reserve became the first site in the UK to be awarded BT Millenium Miles status. 

Shoveler -male

This is the first view we have of the Reserve as we leave the cars.  The weather  wa quite overcast and we could see the rain approaching, so we had better get a move on!  You can perhaps see Black headed, Common and Herring Gulls.

 Greylag Goose

Greylay goose learning to do the breast stroke!!

Mallards and Swans

We saw the usual small birds as we walked round and one of the class saw a Grey Heron flying over.  There are 2-3 pairs nest in these trees.

 'Bottom up'  male Shoveler.  
I had never seen Shovelers at this reserve and must have been over a dozen.

Shoveler -male and female above and below

The Gadwall were always over on the other side to us and although they are usually only about 2 pairs at this reserve, there were many more than that now.  I would say there probably at least about 16 Gadwall.

You can access the video at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

I hope you enjoyed coming with us on this walk around Kiltonga Nature Reserve and not only seeing the birds but also the autumn colours.

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. good to see the Shovelers Margaret, and I love those robins

  2. Beautiful views. t may be a bit damp but it is a wonderful time of the year.

  3. WHAT a place. And for some reason the very pink feet of the Greylag Goose won my heart today.

  4. That's a very attractive-looking reserve you have there, Margaret. Those autumn colours are fabulous!

  5. What a great reserve and a good selection of birds :) Some lovely photos and nice to see the autumnal colours :)

  6. Beautiful images Margaret... it looks like a wonderful place to visit. Shovelers are lovely birds to see and you captured their behaviour so well.

  7. shovelers and gadwalls we get here in winter as they stop in during migration. so cool. :)

  8. Margaret!
    A walk around the nature reserve is a real pleasure.
    Your pictures of geese are fantastic.
    I love to watch the ducks. They are so joyful, frolic in the water.
    I wish you a nicer Sunday.

  9. I am enjoying the shovelers, the shape f their beak is so different. And in combination with those trees. Looking like a cool green forest. And my favorite, the one lone tree with the sun shining n it.

  10. I love the shovelers. We get them in North America, but I just don't get them here.

  11. Such beautiful scenery and fall colors, and I had to smile at the graylag breast stroke. :)

  12. Some very fine captures of the ducks!
    I love those forests scenes and the fall colors!
    Looks like a lovely place for bird watching or just being. :)

  13. These pictures are wonderful. This looks like a lovely place to enjoy nature.

  14. Another marvelous post Margaret. You have some lovely birds there and the Autumn colors are very pretty indeed.

  15. Beautiful scenery, in autumn colours. And the Shovelers, excellent.

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  17. You always have such great images Margaret. This looks like a beautiful area!!! And the birds you've shared are fabulous!!!

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    Hope that helps. If it's unclear to you, do a google search on how to create a hyperlink.

    I enjoyed this post, and the Autumn colors against the water at the reserve must have been glorious.