Monday, 1 July 2013

Birds Battling Nature

Todays post shows how some birds have to battle with bad weather condition.  I was coming home from Church last Sunday and as is my want, I travelled along Seacliffe Road, in Bangor.   It was a very windy day so I thought I would try and take a video at the Long Hole where I found Herring Gulls, 2 Black Guillemots, Cormorant and a lone Pied Wagtail with a deformed leg, all trying to remain upright.   After that I continued along to Ballyholme where a man was feeding the Gulls.  The video below will show these, however you will have to listen closely as the wind was howling!!  Sorry about that.

Before I show you the video I was surprised to see these
2 Black Guillemots dancing a 'Doe si Doe' with the waves crashing around them!!

Sit back and see what a windy,cold day in my town can be like.
The video can be accessed at

I hope you enjoyed the video and I am sorry about the wind affecting the sound and my voice.

I would like to thanks all those visiting my blog and
I appreciate all your comments very much.


  1. this is amazing! great video.
    totally enjoyed it.

    have a great week ahead~

  2. I enjoyed the video very much. Thank you Margaret!

  3. Wonderful! I never did see the black G's very often - less than an handful of times.

    Nice images.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Brilliant, my greyhound has been staring at the computer screen cocking his head and grumbling at the Herring Gulls calling.

  5. definitely shows the wind and seas!

  6. Your video is wonderful and you live is such a beautiful place. I couldn't hear your descriptions because of the wind, but enjoyed just soaking up your birds and all their varied activities. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to your knowledge and pictures ... my day is not complete if I don't learn something new and I think you will be a friendly source of new thoughts and information. Until another day, Margaret ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. i realy enjoy your videos Margaret, and to answer you about the wild roses i posted comes down to the Dog Rose is always pink and the Field rose is always white, both grow in the hedgerows often side by side.


  8. Brilliant video and the Black Guillimot.

  9. That IS a lot of wind! I always wonder what happens to the birds in very bad weather, they seem so fragile. Yet we never see any dead birds!!! Where do they go?

  10. I likes seeing the waves and well as the birds, of course! :)) They truly are funny when they walk.

  11. I always enjoy your photos and videos, Margaret... We've been gone for a couple of weeks from blogging --and I'm trying to catch up a little. I did post a blog today --so you should check it out.

    Love the area of the country where you live --and I am enjoying all of your photos and stories... Thanks so much.

  12. It wasn't a pleasant day for the birds for sure, I enjoyed the video-

  13. HI All commenter above. Just trying to see if my repplies will stay on the post. Douglas, I am glad I have a fan in your dog!!! I am glad you all liked the video even if you didn't hear my voice, of course this could be considered an advantage!!! Yes I think we are all agreed, the Black Guillemots are a fantastic bird to photograph. Today I saw one with a deforned leg and it was struggling a bit to keep upright when on land. My best wishes to you all. Margaret

  14. Some serious wind and weather, Margaret! They are survivors. And, I love the little dancing pair. ;) blessings ~ tanna