Friday, 27 April 2018


Time for Weekend Reflections and The Weekend Roundup.  This week we have the letter Q, Favourite and Quiet and we are starting off our walk looking at my FAVOURITE image and REFECTION shot of these two boats in Bangor Marine.

As you can sign from the sign, we are at QUEENS Parade and QUAY Street where you can see the car Park and one of the promenades.  When I was a little girl this wall was the sea boundary however they decided to build a Marina and so we no longer have a beach there or a Punch and Judy show for children.  Opposite this wall is QUEENS Methodist Church

We will walk around to the Pickle area where we will have to QUEUE if we want to board this train.

We will walk back through the town not finding many ‘Q’ letters and go into the QUIET of the Library where in this corner I sat for a while reading the local paper and watched these 2 girls working very QUIETLY at their computers.

Many thanks for visiting and also for leaving comments.


  1. You are right - that reflections shot is superb.

  2. Amazing reflection in the first image. Such a nice clear sky.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Lovely photos, but the one I most admire is the one with the gorgeous reflection of the boats on the water! Thank you!

  4. That water in the harbor is quiet indeed!

  5. The little train is adorable! But I think my favorite is the first one of the boats, and their beautiful reflections.

  6. How serendipitious, Margaret you are posting about the Queens parade, because in Holland it is today Kings Day.(King Alexander) ! The reflection of the two boats, is perfect! Thanks for coming by:)

  7. Beautiful pics. 1st pic Awesome.
    Happy Weekend.

  8. ...they say that we both speak the same language, but you sure use 'Q' more than I do! 'Q'UAY and 'Q'UEUE sound a bit foreign to me and throw in car park. Thanks Margaret for sharing, enjoy your week and please stop back again.

  9. Hello Margaret,
    Visiting from Weekend Roundup. You found some great q's! Hope you are having a quiet weekend. :)

  10. Hi Margaret,
    Awesome pictures this week, I really like the word "queen" I never thought of that one and I definitely could have used it! Hope you have a nice week.

  11. Hi Margaret ~~ I'm really late, almost ready for tomorrow's "R" entry. I like the word, "Queue". It wasn't in my vocabulary until my mid 30's. In the U.S. Midwest we always just said, "Line". I too used Queen, 'Queen Bee.' Is that a commuter train for tourists and the like? It is well kept.