Friday, 20 April 2018


Time for The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections and this week the letter is P and Purple. Although we are going for a walk today we are going to have coffee with my friends Sue first in this cafĂ© with with PRETTY PURPLE gingham tableclothes and PURPLE seats. Through the PICTURE window, you can see the PAVEMENT and beyond that the PLEASANT sea scene in Ballywalter. 

Looking around you can seeing lots of PINK decorations, the PEDALS on the  bicycle, PLENTY of cakes to choose from and PRETTY PINK cake stands.

There was also a shop and here I found POMEGRANATE candles, PICCALILLI, a PICTURE  made with PEBBLES and another with a PIG in it.  On the wail hangings I saw the words, POOR and PENNY, then a older type PHONE and PLENTY of variety in the menu were you can have PANNINIS with PINEAPPLE or a PLOUGHMAN'S lunch.  Of course salt and PEPPER if you needed them and a PAPER with a PULLOUT of PUZZLES.

Downstairs there was a charity shop where I found PEARLS, PENS, PURPLE flip flops, dress, shoes ad bangle displayed in the window.  However before leaving the shop I managed to get a REFLECTION shot with a PICTURE with a PURPLE background but  we must get  out  for our walk now.


Followed the P sign and PARKED my car and saw this PAIR of Herring Gulls and the PIER in the distance.  In the opposite direction was the PROMENADE when there was PLENTY of seaweed with PIED Wagtails and Rooks PECKING in it for food as well as a Meadow PIPIT and at the end this PROHIBITED sign.

I then walked towards the PIER and saw this PIRATE ship and PICNIC tables and as it was very cold and blowing a lot I sat in my car and with great PLEASURE watched this man wind surfing and read my book featuring Hercule POIROT, the Belgium detective.

And so homeward bounds, PAST the War Memorial where I saw these POPPIES and watched the PALM trees being blown about in the wind.

Certainly in today’s POST you have had PLENTY to look at and it was a PLEASURE to have your company.

Many thanks for visiting and also leaving comments.


  1. Another delightful assortment!

  2. I have recently discovered your blog, and I know it will be a pleasure to read. Love the purple themed cafe, purple is my favourite colour.
    I am a garden bird watcher and very passionate about it.

  3. Who knew that so many things started with P.

  4. That pirate ship is really amazing. The scenery is really great.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Nice reflections! I wouldn't mind having a sandwich and enjoying that wonderful view while sitting on a purple chair. :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Well,out of all these lovely pictures,I think my favourite is the one with the pretty purple tablecloths.That is so cute.

  7. ...yep, 'P'lenty of 'P'retty 'P's in this 'P'ost. My two young granddaughter would love that 'P'urple cafe. Margaret, once again you have quite a collection. Thanks for joining in, enjoy your week and I look forward to seeing next week.

  8. Wow, that was a whole lot of wonderful P-themed photos! Great blog post. I love the purple and pink cafe. Very inviting, and the cakes look especially tempting, although I haven't had breakfast yet so I'm probably biased. The pirate ship looks like a lovely place to play!