Monday, 30 April 2018


 Recently a friend took me to see the International artist Keith Drury at his Gallery in Crossgar, Co Down and these are a few of this works.  They are vibrant and fascinating and you could sit and see many different things within the paintings.  I am linking this post with THROUGH MY LENS.

Having a medical background myself, I was particularly interesting in an exciting new research programme he is involved with Queen’s University Belfast. Using Keith’s artworks and virtual reality scenes, the project aims to help children on the Autistic Spectrum overcome their anxiety when faced with unpredictable situations. This innovative project will create a game-based activity in a virtual environment to help ASD children to learn coping mechanisms in order to counteract stress. 

 The VR programme will create strategies to enable autistic children to replace anxiety with a feeling of empowerment that could potentially be transferred to real-life situations. As this special Keith Drury Art programme develops, it is hoped schools, charitable organisations and hospitals will benefit from this unique way of overcoming a range of disabilities, phobias and other healthcare issues.

You can learn more about Keith Drury’s from his web site -

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  1. What an absolutely BRILLIANT program. I hope it meets with success and can be expanded. World wide.

  2. A really nice program--- And they are enjoyable to see.

  3. I wish I could look at that in Nature, too.
    A very interesting exhibition.

  4. That's so lovely!!
    Have an awesome day!


  5. Such beautiful artwork. What a great exhibit!

  6. Interesting collection of art work. With this on the wall it could take a long time to see everything in the painting.

  7. What a wonderful program! And these paintings are wonderful. So much to see! I could likely stare a long time, and still find new things. And that is just what I am going to do...enlarging the pictures now!!

  8. OH! I really, really love that first one.