Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rowallane Garden - Birds and Flowers

I know yesterday you enjoyed walking around the beautiful garden at Rowallane with me so today I am about to take you into the woods and then to the Rock Garden.  There were quite a lot of small birds  like Tit and Finch that were all very busy flitting about feeding.  To enjoy this post, grab your cuppa, sit comfortable, put it onto slide mode, sit back and enjoy.

Galanthus - Snowdrops

In the dark days of winter, 
the scented flowers of Hamamelis mollis (Witch Hazel) are utterly beguiling.

One of the gardeners digging out Bluebells as 
they should not be in the Rock garden.

Pieris - 'Best form'


It was lovely seeing the combination of different conifers with Heather, Succulents, Pieris and many other plants. 

Here is a little taste of the Rhododendrons
 and I will show you ever more tomorrow.

Fascicularia bicolour

Coal Tit

Pseudowintera colorata

Seedling Rhododendrons at pond in Rock garden

Well in Rock garden

  • Rhododendron falconeri above and below

Buds bursting to bloom


I think this Rhodochiton atrosanguineus was last years but I was amazed to see it still blooming. 
 I think the wall must be south facing.

I thought this Sedum spectlabile looked like a brides bouquet, all wired together.

There was a lovely selection of different Hellebore's

Hypericum 'Rowallane'

    Helleborus orientalis ‘Harvington shades of the night’

Varigated Iris

Mr Robin keeping a good eye on me.

This tall hedge was beautifully sculpted into a 
Yew hedge screen for this water pump

    Helleborus orientalis

    Helleborus argutifolius

Chaenomeles pink lady - Quince

As I returned to the office area, there was a lovely Quince flowering.  It was on the same stable wall as the Clematis

Now it did my heart good to see this Quince blooming especially 
when the weather has been so atrocious.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this part of the garden and tomorrow I will show you another area with more birds and a short video.

Thank you for visiting and also thanks to those who left comments on any of my blogs.


  1. Great set of pictures - so many different forms - we have lots of Hellebores in our garden.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Beautiful gardens and a lovely set of photos. Wonderful to see the snowdrops and hellebores :)

  3. the snowdrops and the japonica (quince) are my favourites. Everything looks so fresh and vibrant after the rains (and in the cool)

  4. what a wonderful place and such a selection of colour, just brilliant Margaret.

  5. These are all so gorgeous! Looks so much like spring!

  6. i couldn't get a lot of photos to load, but what i saw were pretty. you seem to know your blooms/plants as well as your birds.

  7. Thank you for sharing more of the beauty of this garden with us.

  8. I love green and flowers!!! Especially all the different types of plants you can grow in this area. Plus the birds......:)

  9. What an absolutely beautiful spot. And post. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful series of flowers and I love the cute Robin! Have a happy week!

  11. Thank you for those signs of spring!