Monday, 3 February 2014

Birds on Scotland Trip - Day 2

When I arose on my second day of birding in Scotland, I pulled back the curtains of my bedroom and was greeted by this beautiful sunrise below.  After a very hearty breakfast, we set off in search of more birds and in particular an American Coot about half an hour away.  From the minivan we saw Starling, Robin, Blackbird, Feral Pigeon, Jackdaw. Red Grouse, Pheasant, Carrion and Hooded Crow, Rook, Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Herring and Black headed Gull, Buzzard and a new bird for the list, a Wren.  Finally we arrived at Loch Farmington.

Although you cannot see the American Coot yet in this photograph, it is just over on the left so we were pleased to find it so quickly.

Other birds found around the lakeside were Mute swans. Cormorant, Blue and Great Tit, Greenfinch and another new bird, the Moorhen.

However for most of us the American Coot was a new tick 
and here it is with 2 Moorhens.

We now headed for Nairn where we spotted this Red Breasted Merganser and a line of Redshank behind it.

We also saw, Scotor, Wigeon, Goldeneye, Mallard, Red throated Diver, Great Northern Diver, House Sparrow, Eider, Sanderling, Curlew, and Long tailed duck.

We saw Pale bellied Brent and Bar tailed Godwit at the far left of this beach.

We had good views of the Long tailed ducks and it was lovely to have them so close as certainly in Northern Ireland they are usually far out at sea and the recent ones I showed at the Quoile Pondage were young ducks.

The Long tailed ducks joined the raft of Eiders.

A single Long tailed duck in the harbour.

A lone Cormorant.

A lone Great Black backed Gull.

This is the harbour were I saw another lone Eider.  I don’t blame them sheltering there as we had stopped for lunch (outside) and it as cold and windy!

I took these shots with 2 different setting to show you the waves through the breach in the harbour wall and we also saw a Shag and Lesser Black backed Gull.

On our way again, and we saw Pink footed geese, Blackbird and Kestrel, and an Oystercatcher.  

We arrived at Loch Loire where there were a lot of Gulls however one of the group spotted a Glauscous Gull.  It has all white wing tips and the Herring Gulls has black.  It is in the middle of this shot.There were also a good number of Goosander and Common Coot.  

In Portknockie we saw Gannet and Turnstone and at Banff  where this shot was taken, we saw Common Gull, Common Guillemot and Rock Pipit.

 This is part of the group trying to remain upright!  Our day’s birding had come to an end. We had seen 54 bird species that day however there were only 15 new birds seen but we all enjoyed it despite the cold and windy weather condition.

I do have a little video I took of the waves however I did not have time to upload and edited it yet but I will do that today and show you it tomorrow.

I will leave you with a very short clip of the Glaucous Gull.

 You can access it at

If there is a black space below,click it and the video will appear.

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  1. Your shots are just wonderful. I really had to look for those redshank as they blended nicely in with the background, until I noticed that some of the rocks had red legs. Also love your long tail ducks. I can see what you love about birding after a fun weekend with the lens that I rented. can hardly wait until my coastal birding adventure in just 2 weeks now!

    1. Hi Jeanne Many thanks for your kind comments. Well 2 weeks birding at the coast will give you many birds to show us. Looking forward to that.

  2. Margaret, to me a coot is a coot. I do like the Long tailed Ducks though. Is the Glaucous gull just an albino Herring Gull? You birders are something of a mystery to me.

    1. Hi Adrain On this occasion, I would have to agree with you about the Coot! NO, the Glaucous gull is an entirely different gull. It is much bigger than the Herring gull, in fact more the size of a Great Black backed gull and breed in Greenland and Iceland and is NOT a frequently visitor to our shores so it was worth seeing.

  3. my connection is not loading a lot of your photos again today, but i enjoyed the long-tails.

  4. What gorgeous country! I do love that long tailed duck, he is special. I got all of your photos no problem but I am unable to load certain blogs today Theresa's (Tex ) is one of them, wonder if the glitch is connected.

  5. Those Long-tailed Ducks and eiders are spectacular, and the landscape is so beautiful!

  6. very cool ducks and gulls. Gorgeous landscape images!!

  7. What a lovely sunrise and start to your day! You saw a wonderful variety of ducks and birds. The Eider and Long Tails are some of my favorites. Great post, Margaret!

  8. Some great sightings you have had already Margaret. The American Coot must have been special.
    I love the LT Ducks though and the Eiders, beautiful colouring.

  9. This was obviously a great day for birding. You got some wonderful pictures of the birds, as well as that gorgeous sunrise.

  10. Beautiful birds in Scotland. So glad you got to make that marvelous trip---but it looked COLD there.... Brrrrrr... I'm as interested in the landscape there as I am in the birds.... Gorgeous!

  11. That was a great day out Margaret and how wonderful to see so many Long-tailed Ducks close enough to take pictures. American Coot? - nice lifer to have.

  12. What a marvelous birding day! So many birds- I would be dizzy trying to get photos of all of them.

  13. A beautiful series of photos! All these birds are gorgeous and the landscape wonderful!