Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dark bellied Brent Geese at Ryde, I.O.W.

I am continuing with my post on the first day of birding with Eileen on the I.O.W.   As well as the Sanderlings we saw at Ryde Beach in my Friday post, we also saw many Dark bellied Brent Geese.  Unlike the Pale bellied Brent that breed in Arctic Canada and 75% winter in Northern Ireland, these Dark bellied Brent geese breed in Siberia.  I have said enough about the Brent Goose in the past 2 Saturdays post and so I suggest you put the photographs into slide mode and enjoy them.  A short video may be viewed at the end of the post.


You may access the video at

I hope you enjoyed seeing these different geese from the ones we have in Northern Ireland.

Many thanks for visiting.  I hope you will look in tomorrow again.

I apprciate all your comments.  Many thanks.


  1. Oh Margaret!
    From you I am learning this many interesting things.
    Very much I like birds but I don't know them.
    Indeed, they are visiting my garden. In the winter particularly. They are arriving for the food.

  2. Great shots of these geese, and what an informative post this is. Love your birding work!

  3. how nice to come so close to this bird. I have seen it a few times but at those times only one or two in a flock of other geeze. And from quite a distance of course. Lovely to see your images.

  4. Great shots of the Brant geese, Margaret!

  5. delightful photos, you bring magic to them...these are lovely.

  6. Gorgeous birds, and just so many of them. Thank you.