Friday, 24 March 2023


Time for Weekend Reflections and The Weekend Roundup and the letter L and Loud. Now both these first two images are “out of the box” to illustrate LOUD Of course this is L for LIGHTHOUSE however do you know how LOUD a foghorn sounds from a LIGHTHOUSE? They run 149 decibels and that is nine decibels LOUDER than the point at which a person starts to feel pain.  Now that is LOUD

Have you heard of LOUD colours? LOUD colours have a striking vibrancy and brightness to the hue; They’re meant to excite the senses and stimulate emotions heavily. The colours in this skirt are LOUD and can be a perfect choice when looking to add vibrancy and energy to your colour palette.

LET me end this post with a LOVELY Spring REFLECTION image to calm the soul. 

  I hope you enjoyed this post today.

I appreciate your visit and comments.


  1. Being loud quietly is lovely. Great choices for your post.

  2. Love the view of the lighthouse! The last scene is peaceful and beautiful. Cute skirt!
    Take care, have a happy weekend!

  3. The skirt sure is loud. I would only wear a black top with it.

  4. I've always loved seeing light houses. Also good to see your reflections photo.

  5. I'll take the calm over loud any day, although you did illustrate it very well.

  6. ...what a LOVELY LIGHTHOUSE! The skirt with the LOUD colors is fabulous. Your reflection calms my soul. Thanks Margaret.

  7. I like this lighthouse!! My sister goes crazy for them, has weird things like salt and peppet shakers looking like miniature lighthouses. We have one in Galveston (Texas), not used for a lighthouse anymore, tourists are paying its bill now. There are several up and down the Gulf Coast but this one is the closest, maybe 40 minutes away in good traffic.
    The skirt doesn't turn me on but that little used niche in the creek is inviting for play or picnics.