Friday, 28 May 2021


Time for Weekend Reflections and The Weekend Roundup and the letter is  V and Verdant. Below is a VOLKSWAGEN VAN and on the boom is the word VOLVO  and the name on the tee short is VANS.  Then we have the plant VINCA follwoed by the VERDANT  greens of the bowling and tennis courts in Ward Park, Bangor. In  The VERY last image is a fishing VESSEL with a REFLECTION in the waters of Bangor Harbour.


I hope you enjoyed this post today.

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  1. Your last photo is WONDERFUL!!

  2. I love the long shadow---- And I'm pretty sure it's a Volkswagen bus/van. The air intake at the rear is for the air-cooled engine--in the rear. BUT--- it is a V, nonetheless!!

    1. Bill of course you are correct. I 'do not know why I wrote Vauxhall however I have Corrected it now. Many thanks. We usually refer to them as VW's

  3. Great photos for the theme. I love the flowers and the last reflection photo.
    Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Great reflection!

    The Volkswagen van brought back childhood memories of going to a skateboard park with my friend when I was a kid. His father drove us there in a VW van we called it "The Bus". Then I saw the Vans T-shirt with the skateboard and it really brought back memories! We always wore Van's shoes while skateboarding. Vans was a local shoe company at the time, now their shoes are all over the world.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Great captures. You always put these together so well.

  6. These are really nice photos, Margaret. Vincas were our second flowers this year, a bit after the roses all bloomed. Most years the flower year round but this year those all froze in our freak Texas wild and utterly freezing cold winter storm. This year they waited until the Volunteers came up from the ground.
    I have a picture of the first little lone one. It was white, the next was red. Our lawn care folk sprayed most of the along with the new weeds they were supposed to pull.
    I loved the VW Micro busses but never had one. I did have a bus engine, my boys and I put it in my '62 VW Bug and it became their first car. But they didn't have it even one year and they killed it. Then they each bought a used Chevy Camero, a 1968 and a 1969. The boys are twins. One has already retired.

  7. Very visually delightful post!

  8. ...the VOLKSWAGEN VAN is pristine!
    ...a VOLVO sailboat?
    ...VANS is a popular brand with my grandchildren.
    ...the Vinca are lovely.
    ...beautiful examples for VERDANT!
    thanks Margaret for sharing, take care.

  9. I always wanted a Volkswagon van!