Friday, 18 May 2018


Time for THE WEEKEND ROUNDUP and WEEKEND REFLECTIONSand this week the letter is T and Truck.  How jammy is this that I found THREE Fire TRUCKS on their forecourt when I was waiting at TRAFFIC lights.  Now today we are going on a long walk from my home THROUGH Ward Park down to the Marina and back THROUGH the park and home again.

Across the road from my home a neighbour as lovely TULIPS and a TUB with other plants in it. Then i met this lady with TWIN buddies with TWINS in it and on either side TWO TIBETAN  TERRIERS. Past another dog with a curly TAIL a bed of TULIPS . 

Yes this house is number TEN but not the Prime Minister's residence, past a car than had TUCSON on it and below  is an advert for TESCO and TOALS the bookies.

TOWER House is the TOURIST Information Centre in Bangor and  below is TRAFFIC at the bottom of Main Street.  Walking around by the Marina TOWARDS Pickle I saw these TWO Herring gull and this TWO TONED buoy with a REFLECTION.

At Pickle was the TICKET Office for the TRAIN and the racing TRACK. THEN I saw the driver of the TRAIN pushing it on the TURNTABLE.

In the distance I spied the TWO TALL spies of churches in the TOWN a child on Top of Daddy’s shoulders, a girl with a long pony TAIL and  THREE  people walking hand in hand and a boat called TROPHY.

I had to stop and TALK to this Basset Hound who TAIL had been broken since birth. this is my FAVOURITE. I stopped at these TRAFFIC lights before crossing Asda's car park to discover these TROLLEYS.  THROUGH the park again where the peacock was spreading her TAIl feathers  for me and i am sorry to say he is TRAPPED in THAT cage.

Past a TRELLIS fence, a TOYOTA car and on my home road this TOURING van called Auto TRAIL. I hope you are not to TIRED TODAY from our walk.  

THANK you for making this TRIP with me TODAY and also for leaving comments.  See you next week.


  1. I wish our fire-engines were still red. They are a yellowy-green now. And the phrase 'fire-engine red' means nothing to younger generations.

  2. What a feast... So many things to see. Love the flowers and the colorful fire engines.

  3. Wow, so many T's Margaret! Love the red-pink-white-blue flowers! Daughter on daddy's shoulders is heart warming, as are all the other details of T! Thank you for your kind comment! Have a lovely weekend:)

  4. Did my comment get through?

  5. ...Margaret, such a 'T'errific collection of 'T's. I started counting, but lost count. 'T'hose Fire 'T'rucks/Lorrys can't be missed. It's interesting that our shopping cart is a 'T'rolley in your neck of the woods. Thanks so much for stopping by, I can'r wait to see your 'U's.

  6. Wow on this bright fire trucks. Love the tulips, but the pups are my favorite. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Some Tremendous pictures there Margaret. I was thrilled to see your lovely walk explained to a T.