Friday, 4 May 2018


Today I am taking you on a train trip to Londonderry along with 4 of my friends and looking for shots for the Letter R and Red to link in with The Weekend Round Up and Weekend Reflections. The first 4 images are taken from the train.  There was an enormous sandy beach and one RED car sitting on it!

We passed a beautiful field of RAPE and as the train approached Londonderry, I could see the RED bricks of some of the buildings and their REFLECTIONS and in particular, the beautiful Guildhall where we we will be gong later but for now, I had organised a taxi to pick us up at the station and take us on a tour of the city.  

It is a very hilly city with the centre in the middle on both sides of the
RIVER Foyle.  That is Donegal, Ireland in the distance.

We passed a stone ROUNDABOUT where tin statues of children where dancing and singing “RING a RING a ROSY”.  Then he took us to a beautiful cemetery where he pointed out the REMAINS of various famous people.  Cecil Frances Alexander who wrote “All things bright and beautiful” is buried here.

Around the city there are many murals to illustrate the history in more troubled times and many were coloured in RED paint.

We passed a gallery called the Garden of REFLECTION before arriving at the RESTAURANT, The Custom House where we had a gorgeous lunch.  Sue and Linda RESTED while I went to the loo and on the wall I saw a print of REMBRANDT as an old man.

After lunch we headed for the Guildhall and passed these bollards with RED and the words RAISED and RISING on it.  In entering the Guildhall there was a very shiny plague  where I took a REFLECTION photograph of the five of us.

This magnificent ROOM is upstairs in the Guildhall with fabulous stain glass windows showing a lot of RED in them.  Unfortunately there was no RECITAL on this massive organ today.  Along from this room is the Council Chambers and Linda decided she would be Lord Major for the day!

There was a wonderful carved staircase with these Tudor ROSES in the design and I noticed this RED bench.  Outside we decided to walk over the newest bridge called the "Peace Bridge" where I spotted a RED lifebuoy and a RAILING RUNNING the full length of the bridge. Looking down I saw the RAIL tracks as we headed to the station to catch a Northern Ireland RAILWAYS train back home.

What a wonderful day out as we had beautiful sunny weather, good food, fun and craic. I hope you enjoyed this journey today and thanks for joining me and also for leaving any comments.


  1. It does seem like a wonderful day--- thanks for sharing.

  2. Fabulous! This is my favorite post of yours EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love each and every photo. The guildhall is gorgeous both inside and out. Amazing windows and organ. Is this where people perform plays and things? I love the ring of dancing children, it represents joy and innocence. Is Cecil Francis Alexander the same person as James Herriot? I had read that Herriot is not his real name. Is one if the graves in this picture his? We read ALL his books and loved them. Gorgeous railroad shots!

  3. What a lot to see. Weirdly, I like the bollard photo. I've no idea why. It's sort of funny and sad at the same time...

  4. Margaret, You are a good spotter. I love the red car on the beach. What are the chances. I believe life rewards enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  5. Thank you Margaret, for sharing your lovely Londonary tour. I would hope your driver had a lot of information to share. I loved what all you posted. Thank you.

  6. ...the red car looks lost! Recently I've seem rape growing as spring arrives. Several years ago while in Portland, Oregon I saw a similar automatic bollard. Thank you Margaret for sharing this wonderful collection of 'R's. Enjoy your week and please stop back next week.

  7. WOW on all of your Rs. I especially enjoyed the one red car on the beach. Great find!