Monday, 27 November 2017

THROUGH MY LENS - Malawi Open Arms Orphanage (Part 1)

This is a story which I will start today and finish on Wednesday about my sewing machine .  I had a very good machine which I sold and knew the money had to go to something in Malawi so Judith took me to Open Arms Orphanage where a friend of hers worked.  This orphanage keeps children up to the age of 2 years old and is very well run I discovered. Below was of a 2 week old year old baby that was found in the hollow of a tree and a social worker brought her to this orphanage.  

I am not going into all the details of this case with you but will show you around Open Arms.  Everything was spotless, the staff were brilliant and I was made must welcome and shown round by Matron and the lady who was taking over from Judith's friend.  Below are some of the cots for smaller babies.  

The older children were adorable and very inquisitive and
 loved having their photographs taken.

There was a very relaxed atmosphere and
 the children all looked very well cared for and happy.

Some were being fed while others were being cuddled.

Some were sleeping peacefully.

Some were having a bath.

Matron showed me the mosquito nets which covered the larger cots at night.

Some were needed to be changed.

These ladies prepared all the good wholesome food that Malawian people eat.

These ladies were responsible for all the washing, drying and ironing of the clothes.  There were 26 children in Open Arms at present.

Some of the older children are being walked down to a classroom where they teach them about shapes and colours etc I will stop there and continue my story on Wednesday and let you know how the orphanage spent the money.

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  1. Iyt is so nice to see the children being cared for so well and in an atmosphere of love

  2. A sad necessity. I am so glad to hear that the care is exemplary.

  3. One day, when the world stops spending money on guns, we may have have to sell sewing machines to fund places like this. One day.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Thank God for those ladies who love those babies!

  5. Fine document of an excellent program. These children are lucky to be there.

  6. Such dedicated and gentle ladies! And I agree, all the children look very healthy. I do not see even one who is crying.

  7. So wonderful to see this well-ordered and loving orphanage! My heart goes out to the children, and God bless the sweet ladies who work there!

  8. What a fine place! And fine people!

  9. WoW! What an incredible mission work.