Friday, 24 November 2017


I am linking with Friday’s Hunt and Weekend Reflections and this week the letter is U, Mosaic/collage and “I ate this”. U for UNIQUE.  Surely no one has had a Christmas on the 9 October in Malawi before?   Anyone?

  Well I decided before I left N. Ireland to take Christmas presents over for the family as I will not be seeing them at this festive time.  I had hoped that Jon, my SIL would be with us when we went to Lake Malawi and we could have had a BBQ however Jon had to go to Zambia.  I did not want to have one without him so I said to Judith when could we have it but with lots of commitments in the family the only day was the next day after this conversation.  I said I would make a desert that I know everyone would like and as Judith had a late meeting after a busy day, I also said I would make a meal with what we had available in the house.  It ended up, that it was all UNIQUE as nothing turned out to the way I had planned however it was all delicious.

I had brought 4 new Christmas decorations for them so Judith had this Baobab tree and we put them on that which decorated the table. 
This also must have been UNIQUE.   

I made Savoury Beef bake however forgot to add the special ingredients of orange juice and orange peel to it.  Then I made a dessert that I have made for years.  Raspberry Moose. Well of course we had no raspberries but the vegetable man brought strawberries that morning but then we did not have a strawberry jelly so had to use an orange one!  Beating up the jelly did not really work too well with the equipment I had and we could not get any cream anyway so had to use the squirty stuff in the tin (not keen on that myself) having said all that, it was delicious.  The family enjoyed the UNIQUENESS of everything and the Christmas presents were received with great excitement.

Above is an image of the dessert.  “I ATE THIS” dessert which turned out to UNIQUE!

These MOSAIC tiles are assembled together to make this lovely art form which has been framed and hung in a building in the grounds of the first hotel I stayed at in Costa Rica in 2016.  Below is a REFLECTION image of another part of the beautiful gardens at this same hotel.  

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  1. I love this tiny Baobab tree. It is not real, but someone made it? You are all a happy group, for sure!

  2. Yes it is nnot real, it was bought Ginny

  3. It looks wonderful. And the happiness and love are very evident. I am with you on the subject of squirty cream though. Not a winner.

    1. Yes the squirty cream was OK but when you are in places like MAlawi you learn very quicly the word "compromise" and be glad if there even is some alternative!

  4. Love the unique Christmas date; the unique Christmas tree and the delicious looking unique dessert. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the mosaic tiles and reflections as well. Great images, and i wish you a great weekend ahead!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Hello, the tree and decorations are cute. You have a beautiful family, great photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. I am guessing that as much as your Christmas celebrations were unique, no one will ever forget this Christmas.Sounds like fun.

  8. It seems to me that you can carry Christmas in your heart and have it anytime! A warm and fuzzy post, Margaret.

  9. ...Christmas is all about the spirit.

  10. Pretty mosaic, Margaret. A restaurant we frequent here has mosaims all over in the restrooms. I have some pictures but I forgot them while here. The place is Mexican and very old.

  11. How do you catch a unique rabit?
    You 'neak up on it.
    What is a unique animal in Australia?
    Polar bears would be really unique.
    American school kid jokes.