Thursday, 30 November 2017

GOOD FENCES Malawi Open Arms Orphange (Part 3)

These are some fences I photographed when I visited the orphanage in Malawi, some of which are not your usual type of fence, however they are designed to keep children fenced in and safe.
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  1. The round thatched gazebo is wonderful!! I wish we had one like it! I also think all the blue hanging from the ceiling is so dreamy and pretty. Is it for decoration, or are they untied to use as mosquito nets? OH, These gorgeous TREES!!!

  2. Love the jackaranda? trees.
    Thank you, and the orphanage for breaking down some of the biggest fences for these children - those in people's heads and hearts.

  3. I have enjoyed seeing your posts from Malawi. Your fine photos show a positive slice of life. Thank you.

  4. I just read all three parts of your orphanage series and appreciate the information and wonderful photographs!
    We hope all is well with you, Margaret.

  5. Those purple trees look so light and fluffy. Love those little shoes! I'm thankful for those who provide and care for the orphans.

  6. All the children love want the love,congratulation Dear Margaret and best wishes !!!