Friday, 10 November 2017


Time for FRIDAY’S HUNT and WEEKEND REFLECTIONS  and this week it is the turn of the letter S, metal and mineral and I was spoiled for choice with all the S things that I seemed to have photographed when i spent 4 wonderful days on the shores of Lake Malawi.  Below are the shots I picked for today.   

Since I am a bird watcher we will start with a few birds.  On my early morning walks i always saw some birds and this bird is a newly fledged SWALLOW.

Then I spied these House SPARROWS and the one to the right is a young one.

 Now this photograph illustrates (to me) how SPECIAL these two boys are.  My grandson Daniel on the left and Ben his friend got up early on the Sunday as it was Mother’s Day.  So they carried  ? buckets of water from the lake and make these huge letters and picked leaves to decorated the sign which said, Happy Mother’s day for their Mum’s and Me also.  We were very touched.

In the grounds of the place we were staying they had a huge trampoline dug into the ground and the children loved playing and invention routines on it.  This is Annika sitting on it but do you see the huge METAL SPRINGS round the ends?  

Perhaps you can see the METAL SPRiNGS better in this shot. This shot was taken when the family bought a trampoline for their garden in Malawi and it is being moved with Annika on it from one house to their home.

Did you know that in Britain a fizzy drink is also know as a MINERAL? 
Here is Ben about to drink his MINERAL which i think was a Coke.

I am ending with the SETTING Sun going down over our infinity SWIMMING pool giving a SMASHING REFLECTION SHOT.

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  1. The beautiful water reflections are gorgeous!! So my favorite picture is the last one. A double palm tree with a boat in the distance. The baby swallow is so cute! The babies are always puffed up with frowning beaks and short tails. What an original idea the boys had!

  2. your Malawi water, sun, kids photos are so beautiful. from my around 0°C temperature right now they really lift my spirit.

  3. the baby swallow is so sweet.

  4. Fine reflection in that pool. Also enjoy your bird photos posted here.

  5. great place for reflections and birds and kids having fun :):)