Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Black and White Kaleidoscope

I have had a couple of people who were unable to comment and I would just like everyone to know that  ALL MY POSTS are available on my Blog, Google + and Facebook to see and comment. Recently I have joined a few Communities on Google + to show some of my single photographs with people who have the same interest as myself and indeed, only those people can comment unless you are in that free Community.  One of the Communities I have joined is the Black and White Photography one, so for those people who don’t look at Google+, and so you are not missing out, these are some of those shots.


Lagon Weir, Belfast

Bridges in Belfast

Tree in the mist

Malawian woman washing clothes


Little Malawian boy in boat

Anna - eldest granddaughter a few years ago

Anna’s hair

Anna - this year

Matthew – grandson in Nana’s hat when he was about 3 years old

Gillian- elder daughter


Tree Reflection


Tufted duck


Lake in Donegal 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my 
Black and White photography.

Thank you for your visit.

Many thanks for any comments.


  1. A lovely series Margaret! Wonderful family you have and it is hard to pick a favorite on the other photographs. They are all so interesting.

  2. Oh wow, you are talented, Margaret! What beautiful grandchildren you have too. I think I'll play with my B&W feature on my camera sometime (as soon as the pre-Christmas rush is over - yes even here in rural Tanzania!) Greetings Jo

  3. Brilliant photos as usual Margaret, beautiful family shots, it was interesting seeing Anna's transition :-),(also a big thank you to you, happy holidays) Lynn

  4. Great photos, Margaret!
    But my preferred are the portraits of Anna, Matthew and Gillian!
    They look very beautiful!

  5. Beautiful B&W photos, Margaret.. Your granddaughter is beautiful. And I love the tiger and the tufted duck! Great post. Have a happy day!

  6. Great black and white shots Margaret. An interesting medium - I must experiment myself more!

  7. Oh Margaret, your b&w are marvelous. Very inspirational.

  8. An excellent set of images Margaret. Did you take them in B&W or convert them from colour?...[;o)

  9. They are all wonderful images. My personal favorite is the tree reflection.

  10. Wow! Such an amazing collection! Wonderful and fantastic photos!

  11. fabulous b&w images Margaret.

  12. Loving your black and white magic. Thank you.

  13. The black and white photos have a special quality.I like these images a lot.

  14. This may be my favorite post of yours EVER!! Some of my favorites are...the tiger licking his lips (it could be in National Geographic), the weir and it's reflection, blossom, the woman and her son doing laundry, tree reflection, tree in the mist, Anna and Matthew. You really should have these made into a book, Blogger does this.

  15. Hello Margaret, I did, definitely, really enjoy all your black and white photos. The portraits of Anna, Mathew and Gillian in particular are incredibly beautiful. The lake in Donegal caught my eye as well. You're a gifted photographer whose work is stunning.

    I've been away for a while and am slowly catching up again :D)

  16. Hello Dearest Margaret; How Great to see all these varieties of photographs with B/W♪ My husband was born in Tiger year got really impressed with the first picture :-) Your eldest granddaughter is a beautiful lady now,isn't she♡♡♡ Gorgeous hair style; I remember I wished to have a long hair but didn't fit for tiny me(^^;)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  17. Summing up these images in a word Margaret, 'Brilliant'.

  18. You have a wonder group of images here for us today.

  19. A grand set. The tiger works really well. The bridges and weir are very effective.

  20. they are all really beautiful... i like the woman washing clothes as number 1 favorite and the tree reflections as number 2..

  21. A beautiful black and white gallery, Margaret. I love that tiger shot.