Saturday, 29 April 2017

SATURDAY CRITTERS - Pet Nose Day at Mount Stewart- ALL the WINNERS

What a wonderful day everyone had during the Pet Nose Day at Mount Stewart this month and although not everyone could get a place, everyone was a winner.  Below is Alison (in red) who kept us all right and made sure all the various dog rounds ran smoothly, the Judge, George Angus looked at every single dog fairly, Lady Rose helped the judge in the final round of judging and these 2 dogs who are with their owners came out tops.

Below I am showing you the winners in all the classes judged.

They as follows-
Cutest puppy, prettiest girl, handsome boy, golden oldie over 6 years, waggliest tail, hairiest beastie, best mover dog and handler, junior handler and dog judge want to take home.

Sorry the post is so long but I could not leave any of the winners out and am linking this post with SATURDAY CRITTERS.

Signed permission was given for any photos with children in them.

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  1. Lovely pics :)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Everyone is beautiful.

    Everyone is ful of pleasure.

  3. Hello, what a fun event. I love all the dogs, they are all cuties. Thank you for sharing your post and linking up. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. What a delightful post and photos of such wonderful dogs ~ beautiful ~ thanks,

    Have a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  5. What fun! And it looks like it was a beautiful day for it. Lots of different breeds seem to be there, from fancy pedigrees to mutts.

  6. Dogs can be great fun and faithful companions, but I never thought about showing them.

  7. Lotza doggies! Cute pictures.

  8. Quite a lovely variety of dogs at this gathering, and your shots are lovely! Looks like this would be a fun event!

  9. What a great fun event, Margaret. Thanks for taking the trouble to post all the winners. I would make every dog be IT! Have a great day. Jo