Friday, 21 April 2017


Time for FRIDAY’S HUNT and WEEKEND REFLECTIONS .  This week the letter is P, Favourite and foot/feet.   I have mentioned this week that Sunday was PET Nose Day at Mount Stewart and I used to have a Basset Hound.  These Bassets are taken into homes and hospitals so the patients can PET them.  There were a couple of other people owned them and if you have ever read Fred Basset in the Daily Mail you will understand how Bassets behave and think!!  Stubborn!!!

Now in the same week,2 of my best friends wrote a sketch with me and in it Sue was Winston the Basset, Linda was The Human and I was Hildegarde who had come to stay with Winston but he was not happy with having a pretty bitch stealing his thunder and into the bargain she was in love with Roberto who we saw in the park.  We ad -libbed it throughout.  Sue had made masks and it turned out to be hilarious by the sound of the audiencce’s laughter.  None of us minded making a foul of ourselves as we had marvellous fun doing it.  These are just 2 PICTURES from the PERFORMANCE! Sorry I forgot to put my ears down for the PHOTOGRAPH!!  Well I am a Basset after all!!  Winston was showing off!!!

I do not usually include a photograph as a FAVOURITE but this little guy and his dog stole my heart at the Pet Nose day at Mount Stewart.

Now for the FOOT photograph! 
Can anyone guess who owns that foot (without looking below)  
No cheating now!!!

Just look at the 5" dagger claw!!!

It is Etty, The Cassowary who lived down at Etty Bay, near Innisfail, Queensland.  That dagger spike is capable to De bowelling a  person and killing them with one blow.  My son in law stopped the car to answer his mobile and Etty appeared to want to listen in!!!  So you can also see there is a REFLECTION in the wing mirror although not a brilliant one but it will have to do this week.  

Signed permission was given for any photos with children in them.

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  1. Etty is a big (and beautiful) girl.
    A neighbour had a beagle. Stubborn, Strong - and gorgeous.

  2. I feel like petting those dogs. Cute boy and his dog. And the best is the last photo of Etty!

  3. Your picture of the beautiful little boy and his dog is gorgeous!! Wish I could have seen your play!! What a great sense of fun you have!! I have seen one of these birds in a zoo, they are huge and impressive. Goodness, she wants to talk on the cell! Best not to cross a bird like that, perhaps she should have one of her own. Bassets always look so sad, but I had no idea they are stubborn!

  4. Wow, Margaret, is that bird for real? I did a double take at the claw and then a double double take at the bird itself. Wow!

  5. The first picture had me going.... THought it was a reflection! And the last one cracked me up! Wonderful shots.

  6. I would stray away from the Cassowary, Margaret. Google tells that they are the most dangerous bird in the world. Adi, my Beagle dog, and I were a therapy animal team. We regularly visited at an assisted living place that also had an Alzheimer patient wing in the back section. The residents there loved Adi. Besides visiting the shut-ins we also were a reading dog team. On our visits to a child with reading problems, the kid would read to Adi. Children who don't like to read to teachers and others will quite often read to an animal.

  7. Great shots! The winged dinosaur is incredible! ;-)

  8. What cute Basset hounds! They remind me of a cartoon from the UK that my grandfather used to send me in the mail. I think his name was Fred, or maybe Frank. Anyway, it was a cute cartoon and I always loved receiving the cut outs from his newspaper. The cassowary is just stunning - what a gorgeous bird, but as you say, potentially quite dangerous.

  9. ...'p'et 'p'retty well sums it up! Those are killer feet.

  10. Love the bassets. I can only imagine how fun your skit was. That Etty is one impressive bird!