Sunday, 11 October 2015


I have to say I struggled at finding the photographs for this week’s prompts so hope you enjoy them.  I am linking this post with SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.

1. An Autumn Drink

There is a fairly recent café opened in my town of Bangor, Northern Ireland and I decided to have a cappuccino but thinking of needing a photograph for this week’s meme asked if the waiter had anything Autumnal I could photograph.  The only thing we came up with was this delicious cake with apples in it.  The café is appropriately named 'Guillemot' after the Black Guillemots that nest every summer on the pier opposite the café.

2. Wooden

This week I visited the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and these two wooden barrels were found in the Hugh Mc Clusker's Pub.

The wheelbarrow I came across at the Drumnahunshin Farm House.

3. Seasonal

Also while I was visiting the Museum, there were many trees turning gorgeous seasonal colours and plenty of fallen leaves carpeting the ground.

There were several different Fungi species. This one is Amanita muscaria.

4. My Outfit Today

Well the above photograph is of me on Tuesday playing badminton and below is a shot taken at a group called 'Acting Up'.  We have performed some short sketches for the Chest, Heart and Stroke, Bangor group.

5. My View

Now as some of you know I live in Northern Ireland where it rains a lot so that I thought it appropriate to show you the view I have from a room off the kitchen but overlooking the back garden where I view the birds at my feeders.  I am photographing through the window and it is raining.
Below is a photograph of a male Bullfinch. (still raining!)  

I hope you enjoyed my selection of photographs to illustrate the word prompts.

Many thanks for visiting and also to those who leave comments.


  1. You really nail the scavenger hunt theme week after week.
    Love your wet garden too. We really, really need some rain.

  2. Nice shots! Your autumn drink looks lovely!

  3. The Bullfinch is beautiful...and the museum would be great to visit....the autumnal drink photos are cool....but Margaret, I must say I enjoyed the photos of YOU most. The group photo....with your beautiful smile captures so much to be said. Love it.

  4. Oh I love the idea of a bird name for a coffee shop. The autumn drinks and apple cake looks scrumptious. The wooden barrels are awesome but the wooden barrow takes the cake (doesn't this meme make us think, hey?) I LOVE your look in your tennis outfit. You are an amazingly versatile lady: birding, photographing, acting [up] and sporty. Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing. Jo

  5. Hari Om
    nom nom.. now I want a hot choccie!!! YAM xx

  6. I want cake and hot chocolate now! I love your garden and the bull finch x

  7. Well, Margaret, I think you did very well! It doesn't llok at all like you struggled with the prompts!

  8. Hello Margaret!
    Mug the first picture is lovely.
    I do not like cappuccino. I like espresso.
    I love apple pie. It's delicious.
    Margaret, your garden looks like a fairy tale!
    Have a nice week.

  9. first off, you did an awesome job representing the words!!! second, i LOVE your view, your yard is beautiful, really beautiful!!! it sounds like you stay very active, that's really wonderful, the picture of you is really good!!! have a fun sunday!!!! i did enjoy this post, mucho!!!!!

  10. Hi,
    Great shots. Love the garden view, beautiful.
    Have a great day!

  11. Lovely photos. I especially like the mushroom one,but all are good.

  12. Great photos! Fun shots of you and your friends. I think the Scavenger Hunt went well. Love that mushroom!

  13. That's a good collection for this time of the year. How glamorous you look on the badminton court.

  14. I like that wooden wheelbarrow. Your red autumn leaves are gorgeous. That is the kind of color the Northeast U.S. states get and I miss it very much. I like the perspective of your mushroom. If you got rid of the top it looks like a jellyfish -but maybe that's just me :). I was not sure if it was badminton or squash you were playing and you have a wonderful view out your kitchen window.

  15. All of these are fun to see, and the bullfinch is fantastic. Well done---- around the bend.

  16. What a fun post. I like seeing what you find. Great view! I like the cafe, too. Nice to see you "in action."

  17. Beautiful shots! I like the bulfinch, maple leaves and the red mushroom.

  18. Wonderful selection of images. The food and coffee looked yummy! I tried to post a comment on your today's post after this one and it would not work. So hope this one posts for me.

  19. A fun collection for the Scavenger Hunt!
    Have a great week!

  20. Great to see your back yard, Margaret! I kinow what you mean: tried to start on this Scavenger hunt, and stop in the middle, thinking this is too much work:)

  21. Fascinating series of photos. I will have to find out what this meme is all about. Thaks for the suggestion - as if I need another thing to do!!