Sunday, 25 October 2015


These are my contributions for the SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.  This week I visited Islay Island, Scotland for the day. Later in the week I attended a Tea Dance and workshops at the Ulster Hall in Belfast which were organnised by Kaleidscope Enjoy this post.


As it is autumn, the above and below images are some of the LEAVES I found to photograph in Northern Ireland.  A wonderful time of the year.

                                                                                          2. A Hat
The man in this straw HAT below was waiting to go into the Tea Dance and when I arrived back off the train into my town after the dance, I knew I needed another 'HAT' shot so I went into a shop and this sale assistant was a great sport and very happy to wear one of their hats for me.

3. Stop

As I said, I visited Islay and this shot above was were our boat had that come to a STOP at the Marina.  Below the image was taken at the RSPB Reserve when we were having our lunch STOP. I was the only woman with 7 men on this trip!

4. My Town

MY TOWN is called Bangor and is in County Down, Northern ireland and as you can see it is a coastal town.  These photographs were taken one evening when my friends and myself went  for a walk on the coastal path in an area known as ‘Pickie’.

5. Up

When we were travelling back from Islay, the skipper took us to see Rathlin Island to look for more birds. Now the light was fading quickly however high UP on the cliff is the most unusual Upside Down Lighthouse.  You can really only see it from the water below it.  So this was a special extra for me from the trip.

One of the reasons we made the trip to Islay was to see the 22,000 recently arrived Barnacle Geese and the image above you certainly can see some of them rising UP in the sky.  Just in case anyone does not know what these geese look like, I have added an image of them below. 

These are a few extras images for UP because I managed to take these shots between workshops when we were having a coffee break.  This juggler was practicing for a later performance. Balloons are UP and decorating the room.

I had a 12 second video of the juggler. CLICK HERE if it does not appear below. 

I hope you enjoyed how I interpreted the word prompts this week using my photographs and video.

I am linking this post with SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.

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  1. Oh what a lovley hat , 22000 birds i somthing to see and i can hear them too have a nice sunday evening ,nette

  2. Those views are so stunning!!

  3. What a lovely collection of SHS photos, Margaret. You live in a pretty town with all that water and the reflections to photograph. I loved the hat that the shop assistant modeled for you. the Barnacle Geese are new to me! And the upside down lighthouse, brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Jo (I'm only posting tomorrow)

  4. I always love your Scavenger Hunt Sundays. And the upside down lighthouse was a stand-out for me this week. Thank you.

  5. your town is beautiful. i liked the gents waiting for the boat trip and very cool upside down lighthouse.

  6. Love the leaves and the lighthouse!

  7. Beautiful leaves. That shot of your town with the water reflections is gorgeous. Every time I see Bangor, I have to remind myself you are across the pond and not stateside, where we have a town in Maine called Bangor.

  8. Hello Margaret, wonderful images for your photo hunt! I love the fall leaves and the reflection on your my town photo. And the geese shots are cool too. Have a happy new week!

  9. Hi,
    Great shots. Love the leaves and the upside down lighthouse. Have a great day!

  10. Nice series of pics. Beautiful places... Cheers

  11. Great pictures. The fall leaves are so beautiful.

  12. Nice selection for your Scavenger Hunt.

  13. Great collection of photos. Your leaves are beautifully colorful and the Upside Lighthouse, never heard of one before. Great views.

    R. Täysin arkista

  14. Wonderfully fun post,, Margaret. The reflections are quite lovely.