Saturday, 18 May 2013

Shelduck, Starling and Square Rigger

The other day when I was at the RSPB Belfast Harbour Reserve,  I photographed these 2 Shelduck.

Sorry this video below decided it had to be next!!  I thought  I would video the Greenfinch and Goldfinch that were feeding on the sunflower hearts  at the reserve.  It is lovely just to watch these small birds at close quarters.

In the video below, the Shelduck on the right is certainly sticking its neck out.   Actually it looks as if it is winding it up!   If it is displaying to the other Shelduck, it is not working!

While looking at the Shelduck, in the distance I saw this vessel as it passed up the Lough into Belfast Harbour.

While I was videoing it, the men at the Reserve said that it was a square rigger.  So I thought I would google it and I now know it is called Etoile and is a Gaff Rigged Schooner.

My friend Ruth sent us an up dated photo on the Starling chicks.  They are now 12 days old in this photo and Ruth says that both parents are very busy, tirelessly feeding them.  All 6 look as if they are all doing well and about the same size.  I am looking forward to seeing the next photo of their progress.

12 day old Starling Chicks

Thanking you for visiting my blog and please look in again to see how these lovely young Starlings are doing.


  1. Nice to see those very photogenic Shelduck and the busy feeders Margaret.

    The Starlings in your friends nest box are looking relaxed and contented, or should that be well fed? I hope your friend is prepared for the peace in her garden to be well and truly shattered when they finally leave the nest?

    Boat species are not my thing! no help there, I'm afraid! ...[;o)

  2. Lovely post Margaret,
    I love Shelducks, great picture.
    WOW, 6 Starling chicks is something to raise!
    A good thing mom and dad work together.
    Well done, cheers!

  3. Lovely shot of the Shelduck Margaret and its no wonder we have crowds of Starlings if they turn them out like this.

  4. That Shelduck certainly looked strange. I've seen Canada Geese do a similar thing.
    Those Starling chicks are doing well.

  5. Amazing photographs!...awesome 12-day-old Starling chicks :)

  6. cute little starlings! really like the shelducks, too!

  7. Beautiful Shelducks displaying, lovely. And what has her/his done to its foot, or it's gone?

  8. Hi Bob Who's foot are you referring to? Certainly one of the Godwits had no foot and a different Godwit had no leg. Is there something I have missed? let me know please.

  9. The vessel in your footage is the Etoile, she is a Gaff Rigged Schooner, great pictures thanks.