Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Garden Glories PLUS Starling up date

Today I went to see the film 'The Great Gatsby' so was not out with my camera however I took  these photos some time ago in my garden.

Robin -biting off more than he can chew!

Chaffinch male.- I got it now and you're not getting it  back!

Blue Tit - why is this feeder so high!

Coal Tit - I'm just going to cache this seed away for later!
Wren - I think I will serenade the other birds today
Great Tit- these Sunflower Hearts are the best!
Startling- I'm here now, clear off, these are my feeders!

Ruth has just sent me  the now 17 day old Starling.   She says that the parents are working so hard to feed them and they are becoming very active in the letter box.  Any day now they surely will be off.  Enjoy.

You can still see the 6 Starlings in this photo.

Gosh!   Some of the babies are upside down and getting a bit squashed!
Thanking you for visiting today.Look again tomorrow to see if our Starlings are still here.


  1. Aww, those starlings are cute - and do look a bit squished. Maybe they'll be flying away soon.

  2. Hi Karen Yep! As they say - 'Watch this space'! Margaret

  3. Lovely selection from your garden Margaret.

    I reckon another 5 days for the Starlings; although it does look a bit squashed in there.

  4. Hi Margaret, Lovely photos of your garden birds, the Wren was really singing its heart out. I have enjoyed catching up with all your recent posts and photos. You have had some interesting walks and visits recently and taken some great photos. Lovely to follow the progression of the Starlings, they seem to be thriving, let's hope the weather is kind to them when they fledge.

  5. so cute! i just LOVE the chaffinch! such a handsome bird!

  6. Love the baby Starlings, incredible.

  7. Hi Keith As you have guessed, it is only fair that I should guess. I say 4 more days that makes them fledging at 21 days. Is there a prize for the winner?? Margaret

  8. Hi Tex Yes I agree with you. Some times people over look the Chaffinch. Margaret

  9. Hi Bob
    Are you not going to have a guess what day they will fledge? Margaret

  10. Hi Jan Many thanks for following my post and seeing my photos of the birds here. Yes I do hope they will be OK when they fledge after all the hard work the parents have put in to rearing them. Margaret

  11. A lovely selection of garden birds, I was surprised to see them still coming to the feeders especially the coal tit but the Starlings are the show stoppers.

  12. Hi Douglas Yes all the small birds are still coming to my feeders. Margaret