Sunday, 26 May 2013

Flower photos on my way home from walk.

 Sorry I have had to use a second post today but my photos just would not go on to the last post!!   I will show you some photos I took on my way home from several of my neighbours gardens as I walked by as well as some phots from my own garden. 

These next photos are from my own garden.

 The rest of the photos are from my neighbours gardens.

Flower in the Onion family
This Liliac below reminds me of my Grannie as she always loved it and when it flowered, she cut it and bought the wonderful fragrance into the house.

This Weigela was cascading over my neighbour's wall.

Thank you for visiting today.  Call again soon.  


  1. beautiful! i just love that 2nd photo - acer!

  2. HI Tex Many thanks. It is a small Acer in my garden and I look down on it from my bedroom window. Maragret

  3. Beautiful set again.
    I love that Acer; superb.
    And the Tulip is a beauty. Called a Parrot Tulip I think.

  4. Hi Keith Many thanks for your comments. I have to say, Ionly took that one shoot over a railing of the Tulip and Iamvery pleased with it. I may go adn see the lady and ask her about the onion type flower adn seeif sheknows the name of the name of the Tulip. I also think it is a Parrot species. Have not heard from Ruth today. You still could be right about those starling chicks! Margaret

  5. That Azalea is beautiful!! You have caught it in a lovely light!

  6. That Azalea is beautiful! You have caught it in a lovely light too :)

  7. Hi Lou Many thanks. I have that Azalea in my garden for nearly 30 years so it must be about 40 years old.Margaret