Monday, 27 May 2013

Final Starling chicks left today- Day 22

Despite the rain this morning, Ruth went out to see what was happening with the chicks.  There were still 3 chicks in the letter box.

Last remaining Starling chicks

However, she watched from inside the house and with her iphone managed to video the forth chick leaving.

Watch very carefully.

This next video is of the sixth and final Starling chick fledging.  You can see the parent trying  to encouage the chick out of the letter box.

It was wonderful to be able to follow all 6 chicks in their letter box nest and finally see them feldge successfully. These Starlings parents worked very hard to bring up an entire brood however, on behalf of all those people that have been watching the chicks on my post, I would like to thanks Ruth for all the hard work in photographing the procedure over the past few weeks.

                                                                    The empty nest

Ruth was telling me that Starlings have nested in her letter box for the past 15 years and sometimes have 2 broods.  She will now clean out the letter box and I hope the Starling will have another brood this year.  The photo below is the view the Statling chicks would have had from the letter box.

Many thanks to all who have followed the Starling chicks' growth.   Call again soon.


  1. It's been great to follow these birds Margaret; and a big thank you to Ruth, for doing such a great job.

  2. Hi Keith Yes I agree, it was a priveledge to watch the Starling grow up adn fledge. I am hoping for a second brood. Margaret

  3. Hi Kerri Yes, I couldn't agree more. Just wonderful. Margaret

  4. Ruth has definately got some great images Margaret so please pass on my congratulations on the stunning images from me.
    I was wondering if the next step might be to get one of the broods ringed whilst they're in the nest, it would be fascinating to see any potential migration info etc from the recovery of any ringed birds.

  5. i think it's awesome they continue to nest there - and she is so hospitable.

  6. Hi Douglas I had thought about that myself and certainly if there is another broods I will contact someone who would kow about that adn see if it is possible. Ruth is thrilled that they went on the web. Margaret

  7. Hi Tex It obviously like the letter box and actually it is illegal to disturb nesting birds in this country or to cut down hedges until they fledge. Hope we get another brood this year. Margaret

  8. A job well done. I saw the box after they had left, it's no wonder they wanted to get out.

  9. Hi Bob I hope in the 2 videos above you were able to see 2 of the chicks fleging. It is very quick but you can see them. Looking forward to the next brood! Margaret