Friday, 3 May 2013

Birder From Bangor THANK Bird Bloggers

Bangor Marina, Northern Ireland

I decided not to go out today and I was looking at the stats on my blog to see what countries people are from who have looked in on my blog.   I find this fascinating as I have no sense of direction and when there is somewhere in the world that I am not absolutely sure where it is, it gives me the opportunity to find that out.  Not only that but also a lot of other things about that country. I live in Northern Ireland and this photo above is of the Marina in Bangor where I live.

So I thought, as I have been blogging exactly 2 months to the day, I would like to THANK all those people from the following countries that has looked at my blog.  UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Poland, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, France, Morocco, Turkey, Netherlands, Hungry, New Zealand, Belarus, Venezuela, India, China, Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh all have visited.  I am thrilled at so many countries looking in on my blog and I hope all those people will continue to pop in now and again and perhaps over the next couple of months there will be even more different countries visiting my blog.

As a THANKS, I am going to leave you with my photos from some of the countries 
that I have birded.  These were all taken before I started blogging.  

Mandarin Duck in Spain
Red - breasted Toucan in Paraguay
Nest with young Cormorants in Bulgaria
Golden Plover breeding in Iceland
Scarlet Ibis in Brazil
White Stork with young in Poland
1 week old Cassowary chick in Queensland, Australia
White -eyed Parakeet in Argentina
I hope you enjoyed these photographs and will look in again at my blog.


  1. Wow, you've certainly travelled Margaret, and got some great pictures to remember it all.

  2. Thank you. I have been fortunate to travel and would like to do some more sometime. Older photos bring back memories for me.