Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Beautiful Butterflies from Paraguay.

I travelled to Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina several years ago and spent 3 weeks in these countries.  I saw and photographed many birds and butterflies, however yesterday after having gone to the RSPB  Portmore Reserve and only seeing one white butterfly, I thought I would look at these wonderful ones from Paraguay and share half of my photos with you.  The rest can wait for a rainy day to cheer us up!  I do not know their names so if anyone does, please let me know.  ENJOY!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these wonderful creatures as much and I did and I will leave you with a photo of the Iguazu  Falls from the Paraguayian side.

Thanking you for looking in on my blog.


  1. Whoops! I see when I visited yesterday I somehow omitted to put myself on your followers Margaret :-( I shall rectify that!

    The butterflies are beautiful, so colourful and exotic. No.9 is some type of Swallowtail but other than that I'm not familiar with these beauties. They have certainly cheered up a miserable, rainy day here.

    I also enjoyed your previous post on the birding visit you made yesterday. Well done on seeing the Marsh Harriers, I'm sure it was worth braving the weather just to see those :-)

  2. Well the sun has decided to come out however I am sure the rain will follow shortly. I am glad you liked the butterflies. I.m just waiting for another very rainy day to post the rest of them.

  3. Those butterflies are pretty special Margaret. Only one I can put a name to, like Jan, is the Swallowtail. :-)

  4. Yes, the Swallowtail is the only one I know. When I came back from South America, I asked a butterfly expert if he could identify them for me. He said, and I quote,'have you any idea how many butterflies there are in the world'! I had not!!!I do now. Estimates of the number of butterfly species in the world vary between 15,000 and 20,000, with some sources citing 28,000. I have to say I gave up at that point! Just enjoyed looking at them.

  5. just beautiful ornate creatures! flying flowers.

  6. Hi Tex Flying Flowers. What a lovely way to describe these creatures.