Friday, 9 February 2018

The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections

Time to link in again to The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections and this week the letter is F, favourite (you chose) and Flowers.  So are you ready for our Friday walk?.  What shall we find to photograph this week I wonder!
We start with those beautiful Hellebore FLOWERS that were in a friend's porch. 

OOPS, we have to more over to the other side of the FOOTPATH.  
Mind you step. 

In Ward Park I came across this blue FLAG.  Not to sure why it is there.

There are two Mallard doing synchronised FEEDING showing you their curly tail FEATHERS and FEET and below are FERAL Pigeons, FLAPPING and FLYING in for FOOD that someone throw on the ground.

Now we are going to walk out of the park and round to the High Street where I saw this pretty FELINE sitting on a wall next to a wooden FENCE.

As I pass the old CO-OP, the FRONT of the building gives me a REFLECTION  of the tops of houses and a street light.

Well this pub certainly could not to be missed with its pink FAÇADE and FLAGS and on closer inspection there is FOLK music every Tuesday in the oldest pub in Bangor dating fdate to 1780.

FURTHER down the High Street I FIND another old FIRM established in 1890 of FISHMONGER’S in the Cenral FISH Hall.

I have shown you the McKee Clock before 
but this photo shows two of its FOUR FACES.  

WOW! I did not expect to she this Hebe FLOWER blooming in January

Back through Ward Park again and homeward bound but not before we watch the FLOW of the river and below a close up of it where the bubbles look like they are all FROTHY and FOAMING up.

FINALLY as we leave the park, we look back to see the beautiful REFLECTION in one of the ponds and in the background you might just make out, the FALLEN leaves on the grass.

I hope you found our walk interesting today so until next Friday, well I wonder where that will take us?

Many thanks for your visit and also for any comments you leave.


  1. What a wonderful walk! I feel totally refreshed. I have never seen a real Hellebore. They are impressive! I love the dunking ducks!!! That is a great fast capture, and look how orange their legs are! I want to go in this pub! This is the cutest little duck house in the water. This purple flower is magnificent!

  2. A lovely selection of images - the Hellebore is beautiful and I do like the picture of the frothy bubbles in the river. Have a good weekend.

  3. Loved the post, Beautiful pics :)

  4. Great walk. You are really expert at finding things that match up with your letter assignment.

  5. Local library gardens have some lovely hellebore at the moment

  6. Ohh, so beautiful Pictures have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Eva

  7. Hello Margaret!
    Beautiful photos. I love the hellebores are December roses.

  8. I love that bubbling river Margaret. But the mallards win for me
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. Wonderful images. I have to say the second last one really got my attention.The falling and foaming water seems mesmerizing.

  10. A wonderful walk, i wish i could come play tourist and have you show me around.

  11. So green and wonderful. Those mallards show a lot of personality.

  12. ...Margaret, what 'f'abulous 'f'inds for 'F'. My favorite is the two Mallard doing synchronized 'F'eeding. Thanks so much for joining The Weekend Roundup, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  13. Margaret, you have such pretty places to walk. I'd like to stop at the fishhall for some fish and chips. Are they still on business. The building is being kept looking very nice.