Friday, 23 February 2018


It is time again for The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections and this week the  letter is H, Favourite and House.  For out walk this week we need to get the train to Belfast first as I had to go and get tickets for an opera for a group of people. So the first place I came across was the HOUSE of Fraser.

 On entering the door, there was a HUGE statute and all HER clothes had gone!

Belle just might be my FAVOURITE this week 
although my image does not do her justice.

Something for HIM perhaps at HENRI Lloyd?

WOW!  Look HOW HUGH that done is!  Got the tickets so let's walk around Belfast a little and in the distance I saw one of two of the world's largest cranes called Samon and Goliath with the sign H & W (HARLAND and Wolf)

WOW!  Another even HUGER statue near the water front at the River Lagan and if you read the below you will find a few more "H" letters.

In the distance I can see the HILTON and across the river lovely HOUSES with a fabulous REFLECTION.

Another REFLECTION image as I walk back to the train 
and this time I pass the HILTON itself.

The train takes us along the Belfast Lough and we pass a lovely town called HOLYWOOD and further on a vilage called HELEN'S Bay.

i leave you with Mount Stewart HOUSE (Below) which I visited last week and next week I will be showing some of the many photographs 
I shot INSIDE this HOUSE.

I know we did not walk as much today however I HOPE you are HAPPY with all that we saw and you enjoyed the journey.

Many thanks for visitng and also for leaving comments.


  1. A wonderful post today! My favorites are the girl with the hoop, and the beautiful home reflection.

  2. Very pretty reflected houses, and i do like the statues.

  3. thanks for showing part of Belfast I've never seen before

  4. Very interesting sights. You find such unique things to photograph.

  5. ...Margaret, you "H"andled "H" this week with style, nude statue and all. Thanks for sharing, "I" will look forward to "I" from you next week.

  6. I'm smiling a bit, Margaret. Wouldn't you love to have a pretty statue of your self standing by a stairway. But not me, I don't have the figure for statues. The people at the Mt Stewart House will start thinking of you as a fixture. I enjoy reading of it.

  7. Hello Margaret! Lots of H's today. Love the sculptures. Hope you are having a nice weekend. ellen b. -The Happy Wonderer

  8. I love photos with reflections! Never been to Belfast, so I enjoyed the little journey around the town, see you next week.

  9. great reflections of those colourful houses

  10. Great assortment of photographs Margaret! My favourite is definitely the sculpture at the River Lagan. She is so full of energy and lightness. I loved reading the story about her as well. I hope she continues to achieve her goal, it is a worthy one.