Friday, 2 February 2018

The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections

Time to link in again to The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections and this week the letter is E, favourite and Evening.  So once again come with me on my walk.  The light is nearly fading so what can I show you. 

This time we walked to the centre of my town, Bangor where there is the Town Hall and I liked the way the sun was setting behind the building.  This is in Castle Park and you can just see the EVENING light behind the trees. 

 At the other side of the Town Hall, we see the END of the snow on the lawn.

I do not like choosing a favourite but if I had a gun to my head, this would be the one but perhaps you have a different FAVOURITE?

Heading home, I passed the South EASTERN regional College where apparently you will have an  ENRICHING EXPERIENCE.

There was a huge clump of these EVERGREEN leaves, 
EACH one EDGED with cream.

Then walking through Ward Park I see the 
Library has on all its ELECTRIC lights and in a puddle a REFLECTION of one of the park’s standard lamps.  

I hope you enjoyed our walk today, now where will we go and see next Friday?

Many thanks for your visit and also for any comments you leave.


  1. Yes, my favorites are the beautiful orange sky with the trees, the lamp post reflection, and the library.

  2. The library has some amazing architecture. Love the orange sky and the 2nd and 3rd shot. Wonderful captures. Wishing you a great weekend!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. A lovely set of images. The second one is my favourite and the last one is very clever. Have a good weekend.

  4. What a fun set of photos! I think I would pick the same as you for a favourite.

  5. That last photo was a great 'find'--and really neat--thanks-
    all photos were delightful to see-
    enjoy, di

  6. A mother will not tell which one of her kids is her favourite.
    I love them all.

  7. I couldnt pick one if I had a gun to my head either. The last one was so neat! I love all the trees though

  8. ...Margaret, you have so many lovely images to sharing this week. Your 'favourite' is my 'favorite' too! I enjoyed the 'glimpse' of the Town Hall. Puddles can be fun. Thanks for sharing, I hope to see you again.

  9. Yes, Margaret, as always, I enjoyed our walk, a lot. Speaking of a lot, you have a lot of nice owl pictures. You are brave, I would not hold a wild bird. We did feed some white _____'s in Melbourne (Aus) while they were sitting on my wrist. I may have a picture but haven't come across it for a long time. Best picture award is the bench with the water reflection in the foreground. Thanks. You snow doesn't look any more exciting than ours, we are only supposed to have snow every ten years but so far have had it twice this year. Climate Change?

  10. You took some lovely sky shots on your walk - I don't see much evening colour where I live.

  11. This is a beautiful series of images.

  12. Your evening photos and sunsets are gorgeous! And, the college picture could also be an "E" for education :)
    Have a good week!