Monday, 25 July 2016

THROUGH MY LENS - Flower Edits from the Isle of Wight

These are some edits of flowers from when I last visited the Isle of Wight.  
I  have had this post in draft for a while now so enjoy 
and you may just have a favourite.  

Did you have a favourite?

I am linking this with THROUGH MY LENS.

Although I will be publishing scheduled posts, I will NOT be commenting on blogs until after 31 July as my family are home from Malawi.

Hopefully you will find time to read some of the posts during this time and I hope to read as many of your as time premits.

Anyway, I appreciate you visit and thank you for all the comments you leave here.


  1. Just stunning photography margaret. Enjoy your visit.

  2. Enjoy your family visiting - special times. Your flower edits are a picture!
    Happy days.
    Wren x

  3. Well, it was close. But my favorite is number four!

  4. Beautiful images! Enjoy your time with your family.

  5. Very pretty flowers. I do like the softening of them.

  6. Gorgeous shots! Love the photographic treatments! I love three and four! And also the last one!