Monday, 18 May 2015

Birds and animals at Vwasa Lodge Safari Park, Malawi (Part 8)

We are continuing our time at Vwasa Lodge, Malawi and although the family and myself only spent 2 night there, it has taken me 2 weeks to post the photos!.  Hope you are still with me as there are more photos and video on animals and birds still to see, which this week were all shot in the evening or at Sunset.

Helmeted Guineafowl

In this short video look out for other birds such as White –faced Whistling ducks and Hadeda Ibis and a couple of Hippos having a tussle in the background.  You will hear cutlery because we were waiting for our meal (see below). These Helmeted Guineafowl were not far away.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear. Click the red button below.

Egyptian Geese

CLICK HERE if short video does not appear.   Click the red button below.


Hadeda Ibis

Last spouse up before my date arrives!

Oh here she comes. She is very pretty.

Better just fix those feathers back there!  Got to look my best tonight.

Yellow-billed Duck

Everyone have a last drink before bedtime!

Big yawn.  It’s been a hard day!

Is that woman ever going to stop taking photographs of us!

Missus, hope you remember not to come out of your sleeping hut 
as we pass by later to get something to eat!

Yes Missus, we are the most dangerous of animals on earth!

CLICK HERE to see what I mean.  You better believe me!

Hey boys, wait for me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the light fading, the colours on the birds and animals changing, culminating in this soft beautiful sunset sky.

Tomorrow I will show you how birds get a piggy back on the Hippos in WBW.

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  1. The ibis is stunning with his shimmering emerald wings! He may be my favorite! LOVE the hippo with his mouth open! Did you catch him yawning, or was he threatening you? The Egyptian Geese are another favorite. And the beautiful and graceful Impala.

  2. Wonderful trip and beautiful photos.
    The elephants annd hippos are so big and lovely.

  3. Dearest Margaret; I was SO impressed with the beauty of ibis and yes, the picture hippo with his mouth open gave me warm smile♡♡♡
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Oh these just blow my mind. A totally different world. The animals are stunning! Really great images Margaret.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. What an experience.
    The irridescent colour on the ibis is stunning.

  6. Hello Margaret, these are just fantastic photos and images from your trip! The birds are all just awesome and I love the hippos. Have a happy day and new week ahead!


  7. Hi Margaret,
    Beautiful photos that you have made this trip.
    It is a wonderful experience such a long journey.
    Have a nice new week.

  8. the hippos' ears are adorable! love that gorgeous ibis!

  9. Oh yes, I'd linger among all that life and beauty too!

  10. I really like the way you've captured the light in all of these pictures. The colors on the ibis are gorgeous.

  11. The Hadeda Ibis is stunning, only ever seen a drawing of one, they look even better in photograph's. I like the green flash down it's flank.

  12. Margaret, great pictures of the birds and animals. Those hippo!

  13. Wondrous array you've shared. I must say, for me, the elephants today steal the show!!!

  14. The Ibis and elephants were my favorites today.

  15. beautiful Ibis and Impala, and as for the hippos and ellies.... x

  16. I hope they serve peas when one is watching peafowl!

    Lovely pics...I can't get enough hippos, vicariously.

  17. My gosh what an amazing trip you had. Those huge ibis are amazing, but I have to say the hippos are my absolute favorites today. No wonder you couldn't stop taking pictures. What a wonderful world!

  18. What beautiful place!!!.. great shots.. Cheers..

  19. Absolutely stunning Margaret.

  20. I love all the animals. The impalas are very beautiful.

  21. I love seeing that beautiful Ibis! I'm off to look this place up on the map! Hugs!!!