Friday, 18 April 2014

Swans being fed at Oxford Island

As promised from yesterday, I would finish the post from Oxford Island by showing you the Swans being fed by ‘Moi’ and being videoed with my camera by one of my bird class, Ronnie.  Thanks Ronnie.

These Swans were very pleased to see me 
as I had brought food with me for them.

This is part of the bird group and Ronnie in the front trying to explain 
to this Swan that I had no more food for it.

These are 2 of my bird class, Derek and Deidre trying to teach this Swan the Hokey Pokey!  You put your right foot in, your right foot out!!    Well Derek does not seem to know his right from his left!!!  Even the Swan does!!!

This is a Muscovy Duck.

I do believe the Muscovy Duck has had his way with these Mallard's Mother!  
There is a Coot to the left.

You can access the video at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

Hope you have enjoyed not only this post but also the main post from Oxford IslandCLICK HERE and also the many fences that I photographed  all over the area.  CLICK HERE.

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  1. lovely swans and very 'pleasant' to you, and not chasing! What do you feed the swans...?

  2. Wonderful creatures, wonderful captures!
    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. The swans are beautiful! I think I would be weary of getting too close.. Great shots.

  4. Neat photos of the Mute Swan and Muscovy Duck, Margaret.

    No, I don't pay to play any of the memes I enter. It's free and FUN!

  5. Hello Margret. The swans are beautiful and I like the reflection in the top photo!
    Regarding your questions. Weekend Reflections starts every Friday at 11AM my time, which I believe is 4PM your time and runs through the weekends. You don't need to join Linky Tools, just click to join the current week's meme. The link will be at the bottom left side of my most recent post, click it and follow the directions. When the weekend is over the link closes until the following Friday. Weekend Reflections will start in about an hour from now. I hope this helps and I hope you link with us. I am the only one who needs to have a Linky Tools account. Weekend Reflections is free. :-)

  6. the swans are so cute. enjoyed the video, too. :) i love muscovies. had a mallard/muscovy mule duck that lived here for several years. i loved her, too.

  7. Love how you can get so close. Nich shots and enjoyed the video.

  8. Thanks for taking us along on this stop to feed the swans. I enjoyed the video too.

  9. What a lovely post, such beautiful photographs. I love the detail of the feathers in the first. Great to see you feeding the swans in the video Margaret, I think you were very brave :) Beautiful birds and ones I don't get to see but rarely.

  10. What a great post. I love swans but they can sometimes be a very aggressive bird. Love the photos and video. Have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Haha, those greedy swans. They can be like geese that way, never convinced you don't have another morsel. Wonderful photos!! Enjoyed seeing those you bird with as well. Hope you have a very happy Easter!

  12. It must be very special to be so close to the swans.

  13. Dearest Margaret;
    Oh, Your wonderful photographs reminded me of our wonderful swans we used to have in our city park lake. Great to see you can get that close to have contact with them♡♡♡

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  14. I hope you're feeding them good food! We buy food for our local deer.