Monday, 18 November 2013

Birds at Broad Water (part 1)

 You may remember I visited Broad Water when Eileen from the I.O.W was with me and I thought I would go back but see how it worked out using public transport and also to see how suitable it would be to bring my birding group in the spring.  I took the train from Bangor to Moira  station and the towpath was only a few minutes walk away.  I discovered that  there were about 60 stills and 2 videos from this trip so I have divided it into 3 parts.
 For those of you who have not visited my precious posts on Broad Water (19 & 20 October) I am adding these 2 shots below again.  You can see from the map I did not walk to Aghalee as I had meet two gentlemen who told me the last bit was not as interesting and as I had to get 2 buses and a train from there, I decided to walk back again to Moira station were I could get a direct train home.
 I think you will know all the birds today ( have added their names anyway)  however I suggest you have a cuppa, put it into slide mode and enjoy the walk though my camera lens.
Coot and Moorhen
I thought this bridge was a wonderful structure and was built with reddish building bricks
 Mute Swans

Grey Heron


Robin over on the other side of the canal.



Mute Swan

These are the cygnets I showed you on my previous blogs and
they are looking great.

 They decided to hide from me.  Well who could blame them!! 
Woman with camera!  Too many photographs!

Then this one thought I was getting too close so decided to charge me.
I hope you have enjoyed part 1 of our walk along the towpath at Broad Water. My computer is till playing up and this is the second time I made this post!!
Tomorrow I will show you part 2 of the birds I found on my walk finishing with  a video.
Thank you for visiting and also to those who were kind enough to left comments


  1. Great bridges and tunnels. The Heron is also perfect.

  2. another wonderful walk Margaret; your group will enjoy the ride and then the walk and scenery. That bridge structure is really nice...shame the swan wasn't so kindly

  3. The first photo is top, top. The bridge make a upper frame. thats very good.

  4. A nice outing and a great collection of birds, Margaret! I love the cute Cygnets.

  5. WOW! Fantastic photos of a beautiful place! It looks so serene there.

  6. What a great place for a walk - I used to take a walk along an old canal when I used lived in the South Lakes - always something to see.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. It looks like a very beautiful area and of course I love the swans!

  8. these are wonderful, your public walks are so well organized. I was once chased by 13 geese all mad, I was able to escape over a fence with the help of a friend who put down his video camera long enough to come to my aid, it was scary.

  9. These photos are gorgeous! So beautiful!

  10. The Moorhen sure has an interesting beak. Nice grouping.

  11. really neat bridge tunnel. great birding area, obviously!

  12. Nice pictures Margaret.
    The bridge is really nice, you let it show different sides.
    There also many ducks and swans swimming.
    The mute swans have photographed really perfect.
    Greetings Irma

  13. The bridge is very pretty. I love the shot of the gray heron, and the swan photos are stunning.

  14. OK<so I was going to pick a favourite,but quickly realized that is impossible.So many beautiful images.Thanks for sharing them.

  15. So very, very beautiful. Love that bridge (and the birds and the water and, and, and). Thank you for taking us along.

  16. Your bird photos are as wonderful as ever, but I must admit that I am also very impressed with your photos of the canal and the bridges. This is a marvelous set of pictures.

  17. Great set of photos of what looks a beautiful walk :) Some good bird sightings too :)

  18. Beautiful birds and scenery and that bridge is an amazing piece of construction. I don't think some of our modern construction is going to last as well!

  19. What a beautiful place to visit. The swans are stunning!

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