Monday, 12 August 2013

Fungi, Fruit and Flowers

Last week I paid a visit to my friend Vi's garden (previous post was 6 May) to wander round and see what I could photograph.  For this post I am showing you some Fungi, Fruit and Flowers I found.

Vi was telling me that these Fungi on this tree had been growing there for the past 20 years.  Other than knowing they are one of the Bracket Fungi, can anyone else shed any light on its proper name.?

Vi has 2 greenhouses and great vegetable beds.  Walking into the greenhouse with tomatoes plants, for me brought back many happy memories of when I spend my summers with my Grannie in her very large greenhouse.  I loved the smell of the plants and still do and remember that there is nothing like a freshly picked home grow tomato although I resisted as these were not mine to pick!

In the other greenhouse was corn on the cob plants in enormous pots and each plant had either one or two cobs on it.  This again brought back memories of when I had grown it and I remember that I had never tasted corn that sweet before or since!

Victoria plumes, still unripe but with the hope that the sun will ripen them up soon. 



                                                                      Arum Flower

  Vi had planted two boots with geraniums, this is one of them.


Some kind of Succulent

Arum seed heads 

Close up of Arum seed head

Wonderful yellow Rose with a little bug in it.

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  1. Simply gorgeous. And how right you are that home grown vegetables taste sooooo much better than anything you can buy in the shops.
    I loved the geranium boots too.

  2. Lovely photos of a beautiful garden. The geranium in a boot is a brilliant idea. The smell of tomatoes growing on the vine always takes me straight back to my childhood and my grandfather's greenhouse and so many happy memories :)

  3. some great photos here; I love fungi photos, but the garden is very prolific with wonderful produce and flowers

  4. Great shots Margaret! I especially love that 20 year old fungi! and the shoe with the flowers in is such a cute garden addition!

  5. Your photos are beautiful. The sweet corn and tomatoes look so good my mouth is watering. I love the way you photographed the corn silk.

  6. what a pretty garden! i like the corn silk spillover.

  7. I've never seen Arum seed heads nor did I know we could grow corn in pots...quite beautiful fungi..she has beautiful flowers, your shots are gorgeous.

  8. love, love, love summer produce!! we had jersey corn and tomatoes yesterday!!

    nice, fancy, fungi!!

  9. Another wonderful post Margaret. You've identified one of the photos I took as I have one of arum seed heads and had no clue as to what they were, so thank you for that. The corn and the tomatoes look lovely, nothing more delicious than growing your own is there? Interesting looking fungi, I do like to look at those that grow on trees, and the ground really. And now to answer your question. Thank you for stopping by, I feel a bit daft because I too noticed I was having difficulty reading the print on my posts but I thought it was just my eyesight, and so I enlarged it on my computer screen. I have not knowingly changed it but I could have touched something I shouldn't have and not realized. I'm going to look into it and try to enlarge the print from now on. Thanks for letting me know :)

  10. That's a fine garden your friend has.
    I'm afraid I would have had to nick a couple of those tomatoes. They look delicious.

  11. hi margaret! what a beautiful post! i totally enjoyed it!
    what a pretty garden. terrific shots as well.

    have a great week ahead~

  12. UM, it looks so delicious, and the others they are so precious.

  13. OH MY GOODNESS! Your friend's garden is absolutely wonderful!

  14. Your food pictures are outrageously beautiful! And the yellow rose is divine!

  15. Beautiful post, Margaret.... Fungi is always fun to photograph, isn't it??? There are so many different kinds --and they all look different, one from another... I found some once that looked like seashells.

    Those tomatoes look so delicious. We've been buying some home-grown tomatoes here --and they are SO SO SO good....

    Beautiful flowers also. We have that lily in our yard I think --or one that looks similar.


  16. Your friend Vi has a wonderful garden -- the tomatoes look absolutely delicious, as does the corn. Your photos are all beautiful. You did a great job with the fungi.

  17. Spectacular beauty in each picture.