Wednesday, 7 June 2017


This is the final day about the Seamus Heaney Museum and once again I am showing you some more things that inspired his poetry. This whole room was full of photographs of things that helps his imagination to be able to write such wonderful poetry. 

His school desk.

A satchel that his uncle had given him.

Now these words are used a lot in Northern Ireland and I wonder how many you would know the meaning of.  He used them al in his poetry.

This might be hard to see but there was a library stocked with all his books and more about his life and poetry.  On a desk were these writings.  The one on the right is the finished poem but you can see it make many amendments in the draft, usually up to seven before he felt it right.

This is the fax machine that poured forth the news in 1995, when he was honoured to accept the Nobel Prize for literature and read below to see how he might have been last to hear this great news.

Below, is an excerpt from his acceptance speech when he received the honour.

Finally this very fine portrait of Seamus, was painted by the artist and his ciose friend Jeffrey Morgan 2 years before he died.  Jeffrey had seen an old 200 year old tree fallen in Seamus's garden so he thought when he was looking to frame the painting, he would use the beautiful walnut wood which he thought was a fitting tribute to their friendship.   Notice, the Bittern I mentioned to you in yesterday’s post.  CLICK HERE if you missed it and CLICK HERE if you missed the part 1 post on Monday.

If ever you come to Ireland, I recommend you visit this
museum even you are not interested in poetry, you will not be disappointed.

Next year we hope to take a 2 hour guided bus tour of around the countryside where Seamus was brought up.  We could not get on it this year as it was filled with Americans and other visitors but we have our names already down for next year so that is something to look forward to.

Many thanks for visiting the Seamus Hearney Museum  with me and also thanks for all your comments


  1. I am thinking aboutGreat isiting you have a great day

  2. Yes, I see the Bittern is in the painting! I only know about 3 or 4 or those words. What a very interesting place! Sad to leave!

  3. Only seven amendments? The man was a genius.
    I knew some of the words, and others were complete mysteries.

  4. An amazing man and I loved all the things that inspired him in the museum. I particularly enjoyed the fax machine story. Thank you for sharing these Margaret. So very interesting.

  5. Wow what an amazing place and interesting man! I loved seeing all the things in the museum. thanks for sharing. cheers.

  6. My, they HAVE collected a lot of things for this!

  7. the painting of this interesting man is beautiful. it is nice to see his things gathered together in one place. i remember those fax machines, they were a pain in the butt!!!

  8. Wonderful, Margaret! It would be most interesting to visit.