Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sculpture in Bangor Walled Garden

A good friend sent me this first image below of a sculpture that was in Bangor Walled Garden and I decided to have a play with it so below are the results. 

Do you have a favourite?

Although I will be publishing scheduled posts, I will NOT be commenting on blogs until after 31 July as my family are home from Malawi.

Hopefully you will find time to read some of the posts during this time and I hope to read as many of your as time premits.

Many thanks for your visit and also your comments.


  1. It's very strange, and I see the screw underneath. I am thinking it is a flower maybe. But the best part is your edits, they are better than the sculpture because you bring it to life! Favorites are four and five! Great edits!

  2. I am partial to your second photo, but then I'm partial to a more literal view of things.

  3. Interesting edits and each one is artistic in it's own unique way.

  4. Love that with the bricks as background----

  5. Well played... my favorites are #4 and 7.