Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday's Hunt and Weekend Reflection - Great Saltee (Part 6)

Once again it is time for Friday’s Hunt and Weekend Reflections and this week we are starting the alphabet from the beginning again with 
the letter A, Favourite and Macro. I am starting with MACRO shots and would like you to guess what this is below!  No cheating!! 
The first 7 images were taken at Mount Stewart, Newtownards, N. Ireland.

Scroll slowly, next clue, got it yet?

You need to tell me the type/species!!!

They are social ANIMALS preferring to congregate in groups or flocks of varying sizes. This species is the main ANCESTOR of most breeds of domesticated ducks.

ANAS platyrhynchos (female)

It is better know to us as the Mallard and it is a dabbling duck which breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical AMERICAS, Europe, ASIA, and North AFRICA, and has been introduced to New Zealand, AUSTRALIA, Peru, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, ARGENTINA, Chile, the Falkland Islands and South AFRICA. This duck belongs to the subfamily ANATINAE of the waterfowl family ANATIDAE.  

ANDY, was wearing the Northern Ireland AMBULANCE Service tunic from the 1980s and Pauline wore the 1993 Eastern Area AMBULANCE Service uniform.  This was outside the front of Mount Stewart House at the Vintage Car Rally.

ABOVE is A MACRO image of AN ATTRACTIVE Iris photographed at the lake at Mount Stewart as is the Mallard above. 

I am leavng you with a few photographs from the reflections I found at Kilmore Quay in Co. Wexford.
Perhaps you may find a FAVOURITE?

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for visiting.

Tomorrow, join me as we are finally off on the 15 minute boat trip to Great Saltee where there are thousands and thousands of birds nesting.

Many thanks for all who leave comments on this post.


  1. Your macros are wonderful and mysterious! I did not guess the Mallard until your last clue! But I did guess before you revealed the name. I love the way you photographed the blue iris! And the ships are colorful and splendid.

  2. Love the close ups as well as the last moody shot of the bay.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I love the Mallard Duck, close-up. Well done Margaret.

  4. Lovely photos Margaret and very imaginative macro shots of the mallard :) I loved the first reflection photo at Kilmore Quay but they are all atmospheric.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Nice photos of the boats in the harbor. And very interesting macro shots of the duck.

  6. Hello Margaret!
    I am delighted with your post and macro photographs.
    I love duck, it's a very nice birds.

  7. While I always enjoy seeing your photos, the first reflection picture with the fine looking motor boats is my favorite. Have a great weekend. Also your duck macro photos are just great.

  8. That close up of the Mallard was a tricky one to guess. Love the harbour reflections.

  9. Haha, you got me with the duck, I saw it on FB, but here I see the real eye:)Love your capture of the iris, and the 2nd reflection is my favorite!
    A very curious question; How much does Brexit have a effect on Ireland's daily living? Especially since you're running a bed and breakfast!
    Have a marvelous weekend!

    1. I have retire from running the B & B about 10 years ago adn no one has any ideo of what leavving the EU will mean to anyone let alone N. Ireland

  10. I got the mallard on picture 3, but I must tell you the first one looks like a modern sculpture. WELL DONE! I enjoyed all the others as well.

  11. At first I thought it was a fish and then I did think it was a mallard!! So fun! Thanks :o)

  12. i would have never guessed a mallard until it was so obvious!! gorgeous boats, and that first reflection, wow, very nice!!!

  13. Wonderful Photos. Love the Duck photo. Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. You pretty much covered "A." The boats are my favorites.

  15. I was guessing a buff orphington (sp??) chicken at first.
    Love your fishing boat collection find, Margaret. I'd go for a ride out on any.

  16. Yes, I enjoyed this post so much for the clever quiz, nice macros and reflections. The first image is tricky. I thought it was kind of distorted image of the eyes (though they looked lifeless) till I see the third, but actually it is the part of Mallard’s bill. I like the Scottish ambulance, only to see. Have a nice weekend.


  17. Your macro photos of the duck are so interesting! It looked like an entirely different animal!

  18. Great post! I especially like the photo of the boats/reflections. :-)

  19. Great post - a clever start with those macro shots! At the first shot I thought it was some species of sea creature and those were the eyes. Lovely peaceful shots of the quay.

  20. Oh my what beautiful birds! And the boats, could sit and watch them all day!

  21. I figured out it was a duck by photo 3. Its down finally clued me. That's a pretty exotic iris with brown band. I like the last photo of boats the most. They remind me of a wagon train circling for the evening.

  22. boat reflections are always nice to see :)

  23. What a fun guessing game! I did at least figure out it was a duck. Interesting to see the uniforms of different times. Love the boats and their reflections. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!