Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cist Grave Stones Mount Stewart

These Cist Grave Stones are located at the National Trust property of Mount Stewart, Newtownards.  Photographed by David from IrishSights.   
CLICK shot to upload, then I suggest you put it into toggle mode (bottom R). This makes it much larger.   Then CLICK and hold and you can move the Stones in any direction.

A cist is a small stone-built coffin-like box or ossuary used to hold the bodies of the dead. Examples can be found across Europe and in the Middle East.  A cist may have been associated with other monuments, perhaps under a cairn or long barrow. Several cists are sometimes found close together within the same cairn or barrow. Often ornaments have been found within an excavated cist, indicating the wealth or prominence of the interred individual.  

I  hope you enjoyed seeing this and also thanks to David for giving me permission to use this.

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  1. This is interesting. I have heard them called bone boxes, but not cists. I think it depends on which country they are in.

  2. Interring our dead with respect and an eye to status has been going on for an incredibly long time hasn't it?

  3. Great post, Margaret. The cist is new to me. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. Thank you, Margaret, for a very interesting post. I had never heard of a cist and you have forced me to learn something new today. That's quite an accomplishment because I thought I already knew everything. Well, maybe that's not what she means when Gini calls me a "know-it-all"? All the best! :)