Monday, 21 December 2015


As most of you know I am in Malawi, although last week the family and myself were in Zambia without Internet so thanks for all the comments you left.  We have just arrived back in Malawi again and as the first word is Mittens, I knew there were not going to be any in this heat so Daniel and Annika put on gloves to pretend they are MITTENS.  

Daniel found this snail with his HOME on his back.

When returning from Zambia, we stopped at a place called Cool Runnings for 2 nights and these were the decorations they had up for 'TIS THE SEASON'.  

The is the MEMORY card where all my photographs and videos are stored that I took on this holiday in Zambia.  Even I have not seen them all as yet due to lack of electricity but some time in the future I will have a lot to share with you. 

This is a bauble which in the dark and with flash I thought made a SPARKLE and was  very FESTIVE.

This is the best I could do for this week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY and THROUGH MY LENS. 

Some bloggers are wondering why my posts are not on Facebook and  Google + and the reason is I rarely have internet or electricity here in Africa and all my posts have been scheduled in from Northern Ireland before I left for this holiday.

Many thanks for those bloggers who are linking me in on the various meme's and a very big thanks for all who leave comments even through I am unable to do so while in Africa.  


  1. As always, I love your scavenger hunt posts - and hope you are having a WONDERFUL time.

  2. Assuming you will be spending Christmas with the family out there. Have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing the photos when you have the time and power to post.

  3. Lovely set of photos Margaret - glad to hear you are back in Malawi.

  4. Hello, Margaret. great photos for your photo hunt. I love the Christmas Ball ornaments. Your grandchildren are so cute. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Hello, Margaret!
    In you it is beautifully festively.
    Beautiful photos.

  6. It seems to me that you're already having a wonderful Christmas---- Safe trip, and have a happy Christmas Day and New Year.

  7. Great Scavenger Hunt! Wonderful pictures! Look forward to the ones from your trip also. Merry Christmas!