Monday, 14 December 2015


Once again it is time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Through My Lens
and these are my ilustrations for the word prompts.  Enjoy.
Just to tell you are , the family area fine but still a bit sire.  We are now on our way to zambia in an ambulance !

1. Starts with K

Last week I flew to from London to Northern Ireland and low and behold a 'king' walked along the isle wearing his crown much to everyone's amazement. 

This week I flew to Malawi with Kenya Airways and this is my luggage label.

2. Holiday Treat

Two days before I left for Malawi my bird group and I went out birding and as a holiday treat we had lunch in a lovely restaurant and the above dish was my main course of salmmon and the below dish was the one that Susan orderd.

3. White 

 While out birding we were pleased to see these white Whooper Swans above 
and below is the white decoration that was on the lamp post 
in my town of Bangor, Northern Ireland.

4. Gift
At the end of a scrumptious lunch with my  bird class they pressented me with a lovely gift card.

5. Brings Me Joy

It brings me 'great joy to still have all my brothers and sister still living and able to meet up to celebrate at this festive time.

However, my GREATEST JOY this week was when I arrived in Malawi and saw my family who were recovering from a head on car crash less than a week ago. May I and my family take this opportunity to thank all who said they would pray and keep them in their thoughts.  Daniel has 2 fractures in his face and the others are in less pain now and just trying to cope with the emotional trama.

I am linking this post with Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Through My Lens.

Thanks for your visit and also to all who leave comments.  While I am in Malawi alhtough ('when' I have internet)I will read you posts however I will not beable to comment.   I hope you understand.


  1. I am so very happy for you that your family are recovering - and that you can be with them.
    I always love your scavenger hunt posts and this is no exception.

  2. Have a nice tripn;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  3. Thank you for participating, I linked you in per your request.

  4. Hello Margaret, it is nice to see you and your brothers and sister together. I am also happy to hear your family in Malawi are recovery from the accident, that was scary. I will keep them in my prayers and wish them all a complete recovery. I love the swans shot. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. A lovely Christmassy post with some great photos Margaret.

    Glad you arrived in Malawi safely and are with your family. I wish them a swift and full recovery.

  6. I'm wondering what is that thing in Susan's meal?

  7. I'm so happy that are doing so well. I'm sure that made sure your Christmas will be happy.

  8. Oh Margaret it's so good to see you still have living siblings. I do too, but we never get to see each other! Great take on the letter K! Enjoy your precious time with your family. Blessings Jo

  9. Nice collection of photographs! Good to hear your family is recovering from their car crash. How scary!

  10. Praise God that the injuries were not worse.

  11. Wonderful family portrait! Sending along more get well wishes to your family. Hope they recover quickly and the pain goes away soon.

  12. Hi Margaret
    Thank you for the update about your family I have been thinking about you all.
    I hope the pain and emotional trauma from the accident continues to decline and if I don't speak to you again before Christmas, I hope you can all have a happy holiday.
    Wren x

  13. great finds on your scavenger hunt!

  14. I do hope your family members continue an uneventful recovery. Do have safe travels and also concentrate on your assistance to your loved ones.

  15. Goodness, Margaret, I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Prayers for healing for your family. Lovely pictures, all, and those food shots are making me hungry - yum! Merry Christmas.

  16. Greetings of december! All the best for you and the whole family!
    Your post is so festive and with so many amazing aspects!
    Happy holidays full of good health and joy near the dear ones!

  17. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about the accident! I hope they'll all feel better very very soon! So happy for you you get to visit your family during the holidays. So amazing that your family lives in Malawi :) Have a wonderful time!