Monday, 5 October 2015

THROUGH MY LENS - Classic Car Rally at Seaford Working Vintage Club (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I was invited by two friends to a Car Rally at Seaforde Working Vintage Club, in Country Down, Northern Ireland and below is the MG Clarky drove me in to the rally.  So this series will cover cars and farm machinery as well as some animals. 

When we arrived we parked by friends of Trevor and Clarky's
 called Tracey and  Jimmy.

This is their vehicle and Jimmy had made the Bubble car (see below), which is actually a trailer and is pulled along by their camper van.

This is Tracey and one of her boys. 

She kept us fed throughout the day with goodies.

These are 2 views of the inside of it.

This is the bubble car and Jimmy photographed the boys, blew the print up and made a window out of it.  I think it is class. The inside you could lay down in 
(if you were small).  It even has a picnic hamper.

Now this is Trevor’s car, another MG but everything in it including the carpets is original. This is the car I travelled home in.  I have MANY Classic cars to show you so I will have to spread them over several posts.  This Wednesday, next Monday and the following Wednesday (if you are interested in Classic cars).

OK, now on to some farm machinery. There were a lot of tractors so I am showing you a few as well as many older items that that you might remember.  See what you can recognise!

Now I spent ages watching these threshing machines working powered by a steam engine and I have made a video of the process.

CLICKHERE if it does not appear below.  

I hope you enjoyed see a few of the Classic cars (lots more to come)

and the threshing machine working.

Unusually for me, but I did not see any birds at the rally that day, so tomorrow I will show you some birds from the Isle of Wight.  

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  1. What a day out. I love these rallies and fairs.

  2. What fun! My MiL has an old-timer (what they call historic cars here in Germany). I've been to a couple of these rallies with her. It's always a good time.

  3. What a nice rally ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  4. It looks as if everyone was having a fine time.

  5. An interesting post Margaret, must have been a great day out. Love the little bubble cars, so unique

  6. I remember the bubble car as my brother in law had one. It was so strange to see him open up the whole of the front to get into the driver's seat! It looks like a great event with lots to see and do.

  7. What e nice serie Margaret! Seemed to be a great happening! I love the bubble car with the two boys!
    Greetings from Belgium, Hilde
    Visiting from Through my Lens,

  8. Delightful photos. You must have had a wonderful time, so may vintage vehicles.

  9. This is a very interesting post for me. I love this bubble cars, and would love to take a peak inside myself. The line up of the farm machinery is especially nice and gives a great photo op. Thanks for linking in with Through My Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  10. I love that bubble car and I can see the boys loved it too!

  11. Looks like great fun. I liked the old tractors and the camper van

  12. That looks like a fun event! Love the wicker trunk on the back of that vehicle. I've never heard of some of these cars. Nice post!

  13. it seems tracey was a great connection to make!!! looks like a nice show with a great variety of vehicles!!!! and some cool vintage items at the end!!!

  14. I'm pretty sure that the MG's shown are pretty much the same car imported to the USA as the Austin America. With their front wheel drive, transverse mounted motor, and novel suspension system-- they were quite remarkable. Loved the tractors as well.

  15. NEAT NEAT NEAT... Love Classic Cars ---and we have quite a few 'shows' in our country---featuring many of them... I learned to drive on a 1950 Pontiac ---and when I saw that car at a Classic Car Show, I was THRILLED... So many memories...

    Great set of pictures of the cars and the farm equipment.

  16. Those cars and the little trailer are marvelous, Margaret.


  17. That Bubble car is so adorable. Love seeing the vintage cars. Nice to see how the bales are done with those machines.

  18. Fascinating video of the old-type hay baler! Loved seeing the older cars and vintage items too. What an awesome place to visit! That bubble car didn't have headlights, though...very odd! :-)

  19. This was fun, we enjoy these car rallies, our village has a smaller version with ancient farm machinery, tools etc..;I am always so impressed in what good shape they have been kept in...the vintage cars are cool too.

  20. What a wonderful day out Margaret - thanks so much for sharing. Lovely images of vintage cars and tractors - the bubble car is so very cute :)

  21. What fun. Always a treat to see the things of our youth and that of our parents!