Thursday, 1 October 2015


This is the first time of joining this meme and the first of the 12 words was WOVEN.  This tapestry below was filmed and explained on video by one of the guides at the National Trust Property of Mount Stewart House near Newtownards, County down, Northern Ireland. (see below)

1. Woven 

CLICK HERE is the video does not appear below.

2. Repeating

Above is the main entrance hall of Mount Stewart House with many repeating patterns in it and below are beach huts that are all designed the same.

3. Greedy 

These are Puffins I photographed on Great Saltee Island, Ireland.  Although they have all these fish in their beak, I am hoping it is to feed their young chicks and that they will not be greedy and eat it all themselves!

4. Flowers   
These wildflowers above are at at Bangor Walled Garden and
below flowers blooming in Ward Park, 2 mintues walk from my home.

5. Curly

I found Paddington Bear resting on these stairs in a charity shop.  
He told me he was was spending his holidays in my home town of Bangor.

Below, is a curly headed man I photographed at the recent car rally I attended
when he was deep in thought and not looking at me!

 6. Adventures
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OK, we have 2 adventure here (really my own life is an adventure)
The one above is when I did a Helmet dive off Green Island, Queensland, Australia and below is of my son in law Jon, my grandson Daniel and myself when we took a helicopter flight over the Great Barrier Reef.

7. Line

Above are a line of new beach huts on the Isle of Wight and below is a line of tractors that I photographed at the car rally I attended recently.

8. Mesmerising

This is Annika, my youngest grand daughter above when she was 1 year old. She found all my old costumne jewellery mesmeriising.

Below, here she again, now aged 5 with two friends and they found these Goldfish mesmerising.  They are feeding them bread.

9. Triangle
Above is my Chritmas tree which looks like a triangle in shape as does this candle below that I photographed in a charity shop recently. 

10. Dreamy 
This is my oldest grand daughter Anna, a very pretty young girl and 
below is a dreamy scene one misty morning by a lake.

11. Day 
Now this was an exciting day out for me when I was driven in this beautiful MG  recently to the car rally and then driven home in this other MG below.  

12. Whatever you want

I thought I would end with something peaceful. 
 I leave you with a photograph taken at the lake at
 Mount Stewart Gardens, near Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs I selected for the word prompts.

I am linking with PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT.

Thank you for visiting and also to those who leave comments.


  1. Helicopter rides, diving, travelling at home and abroad, you certainly, 'get around', Margaret just like the old Beach Boys song says too.

    You don't let the grass grow under your feet!
    I was down at the walled garden at Bangor recently making amother Youtube video. What a hidden gem! I never knew it was there before!
    Brilliant very professinal Puffin shots too!

    1. HI Tom Good to hear from you and thanks for your visit and lovely comments. Yes, you should visit the Walled Garden more often. Last year, I visited and did a post on it every month of the year which was interesting to see the change each month. NOw I thnk you have me sussed as that song's word, do sound just like me. well I say, live life to the full, you only pass this way once so make the best of every moment!

  2. Hi Margaret, it's so nice to meet you via this scavenger hunt. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. I love all your photos. Wow! You are an excellent photographer and your grandchildren are beautiful. I'm sure you enjoy being a grandma as do I. I think one of my favorite photos you shared is the puffin. Such an amazing photo with the fish in his beak. I hope you have a wonderful day (it's evening here in southern California). My best to you, Pat xx

    1. HI Pat MAny thanks for visiting and being so gracious with your comments. I do love being a Nana however either of my children and obviously grand children live in N. Ireland so I do not see them that oftern but it is a great excuse to travel adn see them. I am off to Malawi in the not to distancce future to se my daughter Judith and her family. Yes the Puffins are great and I still have to share my time on great Saltee when Isaw many Puffins. Now all I need is to figure out how to get a few more days in a week!

  3. Love them all.
    The greedy puffin was incredible - and I am a big, big Paddington Bear fan. Thank you.

    1. HI Sue Paddington sends his love to you. Glad you liked this post.I thinnk it is hard NOt to like aPuffin

  4. What a great collection of photos. Impossible to choose a favourite. The puffin of course just charms us with that colouful face and mouthful of fish. The tapestries are something you can't fail to admire.

    1. Hur i I appreciate your visit and kind comments. Yes that tapestery is beautiful, I hope you heard the video and its history.

  5. Welcome and thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of, line repeating, greedy and adventure. Well I think they are all great. Greenthumb

  6. Wow Margaret what a superb set of photos and wonderful interpretations of the words :) I really do love the last photo - so peaceful and relaxing. I could look at it all day!

  7. Great interpretations - love the beach huts - we don't have anything like that in the US - and Paddington - so cute and of course the Puffin is wonderful, as are the grand daughters.

  8. Love the tapestry and the puffin in particular :o)

  9. Wonderful photos and great interpretations of the topics. Love the puffins and the wildflowers, really enjoyed all your photos:)

  10. What a great way to show us your other photos and all of your wonderful adventures..the Puffin and his feed is fabulous. All are fabulous shots...:-)

  11. Beautiful pictures. I thin your granddaughter does have a sweet dreamy look.

  12. So glad I took a look at this post. Lots of great photos here. I really enjoyed them. One of my favorites were the Puffin's with all the fish in their mouth.

  13. Wonderful photos, Margaret!!! Vibrant with color and variety! Your granddaughters take the prize along with your grandson! I love your sense of adventure that comes through in these photos. thanks for joining our monthly hunt. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  14. These are fantastic images for your scavenger hunt, Margaret. Your grand daughter is absolutely one gorgeous young lady too :)

  15. Awesome meme, Margaret. As you know, I am NOT a meme person --but this one is good and quite challenging. You did a great job with those words... Wow---not sure I could come up with all of those ideas.....

    By the way, I know how much you enjoy George's blog. He has a post today if you haven't seen it... It is on his "Senior Moments" Wordpress blog.


  16. Great photo choices for this meme.

  17. Wonderful pictures! I love Mount Stewart House - those beautiful old buildings are a joy to see. I also really love those mixed meadow flowers and all the colors. Your puffin photos are amazing!

  18. Oh, Margaret you do have such a great eye for photography!

  19. You have such lovely grandkids, Margaret!! And I would agree with you that your life is an adventure. ;)

  20. Great and lovely series, each photo is impressing for itself. I like the line by the beach and the gold fishes, but my absolute favorite are the wildflowers. They are all so matching together and make a marvellous color mood!
    Lovely handsome grandchilds...

  21. An interesting collection! Hope you enjoyed your first hunt!

  22. Hello margaret - lovely to meet you here - great to see another Norn Irn blogger :) I love the photos from the walled garden - must get to see that some day and we haven't been to Mount Stewart yet either. But I'm most envious of your trip in the MGs :)
    Best wishes

  23. Oh GASP Margaret! How did you take the last photo in this post? The puffin with all the fish in its beak is stunning. Your grandchildren are dreamy and certainly mesmerizing! I love this post. You went to a lot of trouble. I'll try and participate if the month of October becomes a little less frantic here in SA. Blessings Jo

  24. Brilliant photos Margaret! In particular I loved the puffin and your granddaughter wearing your beads.
    Hope to see you next time. x

  25. Hi Maragaret...what a stunning collection of photographs. The puffin with the fish in his beak is breathtaking. Such a beautiful image. x