Monday, 7 April 2014

Hersey Nature Reserve Birds in March

Last time when I was on the Isle of Wight I made 2 quick visits to Hersey Nature Reserve at Seaview and these are the birds I found there.   I was very pleased to hear and see my first Chiffchaff, in fact it followed me round the total reserve singing from high up on each tree we passed.


I know these shots look like I have converted them to monochrome however I haven’t.  That was the kind of lighting I had that day.



Chaffinch - male

Little Egret and Coot

Barnacle Geese.  
You will see them better on the video at the end.

On this occasion I only say this one and it was very hidden in the reeds on the other bank.  However if you wish to see the 12 that I saw the last time, 

Heron was a good distance away and trying to hide from me in this little inlet!

Black head Gulls and Jackdaws

Coot just after they had (tried) to copulate!

Canada Geese, female Mallard and Greenshank

I hoped you enjoyed seeing round Hersey Reserve again and you can access the video at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

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  1. Who names birds? Chiffchaff? Were they on medication - or had they stopped taking it?
    Frivolity aside - thank you. I loved all of the birds you gifted us with.

    1. Hi EC You comment did make me smile. God asked Adam to name all the birds, insects and animals etc and the Chiffchaff' is so aptly named as he sings his name over and over. NO mistaking who he is. Glad you enjoyed all the birds and thanks for the smile and the comment

  2. Wonderful variety of birds, Margaret! The preserve must be an awesome place for bird sightings.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  3. The Chiffchaff looks like one of those little non-descript brown birds that I wouldn't be able to identify if it weren't for the fact that it sings its own name!

    Looks like an interesting reserve with a variety of birds.

  4. Oh yes, the Greenshank is perfection, I love it Margaret. And the rest of them, lovely lovely.

  5. do get to see so many different birds, and they all look just fabulous!

  6. the greenshank does blend well with his surroundings. always love your chaffinches and jackdaws, too.

  7. I also laughed at EC's comment. Some names can certainly bring a smile.

  8. Wonderful photos as always. I was thinking when you showed the snipe and how it was hiding in the grass, that's where they get the term Sniper for a police or military person who hides with their gun to pick off a criminal with hostages. Enjoy your day!

  9. HI Carole Well that comment got me thinking so this is what I found out.
    The word Sniper comes from a play on words by British soldiers in India as early as 1773. Here troops hunted the Snipe, a small, quick bird that was difficult to shoot. Successful shooters were dubbed Snipers. However the true Sniper as we know him today was developed by the German Army of WW1.

  10. Wonderful series, and I really enjoyed the video. There are a few birds here that I have never seen before.

  11. What a great variety of birds you've shared here! Nice little video too.

  12. Some of these birds I've never heard of. That's why I like following other birding blogs from around the globe. Shorebirds of any kind make me happy. They're so sweet looking. Wonderful images.

  13. Dearest Margaret;
    Oh I truly enjoyed seeing your pictures of varieties of birds♡♡♡  I wish I had the nature like yours :-)
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  14. Lovely pictures. In some of the pictures,I like the patterns in the water as much as the bird itself.Those are happy bonuses in my mind.

  15. Looks like a great day. I haven't seen a Baranacle Goose for almost 3o years!