Sunday, 11 August 2013

Birds and Butterflies at Kinnegar

Kinnegar is about half a mile from the RSPB Reserve in Belfast.  One side of the road is the sea and the other is a small lake.  These are the birds I found there.
Sandwich Tern
Oystercatchers and young Herring Gull
Stand off between Oystercatcher and Sandwich Tern
Lesser Black backed Gull in foreground
Curlew behind Oystercatchers
Black tailed Godwit - breeding plumage
Black tailed Godwit- non breeding plumage
Group of Mallard ducks
Big bird
I was standing over the flight path of planes just about to land at the
Belfast City airport.
Blackcap chick
Willow Warbler
Peacock butterfly
There were 2 Peacock butterflies however there were a good distance away through 6' brambles!
Green -veined White butterfly
Bee  Which one anyone?
7 Spot Ladybird
Small Tortoiseshell butterfly
Back of Small Tortoiseshell
I will leave you with a short video.  It can be accessed at 
If below space is black, click it for video.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the birds and butterflies at Kinnegar.  Thanks for visiting.
THANKS TO ALL who left comments on any of my blogs yesterday. 


  1. Margaret do you know how many species of birds you have in your area? I love the refection photos, I know nothing about bees so can't help you out..BF's are superb...and enjoyed your video, do you take your videos hand held they are so steady.

  2. Great set of pics Margaret, and it looks a very interesting area, not too sure about the meatal bird.
    All the best Gordon.

  3. I love how you included the butterflies and plane in with the birds, You made me smile.

    I'm surprised to see that you have dunlins and black-backed gulls in Ireland as we have them here too. They really get around, don't they?

  4. Hi Margaret :-)
    Enjoyed seeing the curlew and lapwing in particular.

  5. a mixed bag post Margaret; enjoyed the waders and then the other birds and insect; lovely weekender

  6. Looks like an awesome place for birding. I love the Oystercatchers, Godwit and the Curlew. And the butterflies are beautiful. Great photos, Margaret!

  7. Oh these are AWESOME Margaret!!

  8. A great selection Margaret.
    Good to see so many butterflies around at last.

  9. terns are so cool. i love the dunlin shot with the great golden reflection.

  10. I enjoyed the pictures as well as the video. The Dunlin is a bird I have seen near where I live.

  11. Kinegar looks like a place of great bird diversity ( even the big silver kind) Is that bird with the very long beak the black tailed godwit. What an amazing beak. also those peacock butterflies are beautiful! Great shots Margaret!

  12. LOVE your butterfly and ladybug shots! The Oyster catcher's brilliant beak is amazing!

  13. Hi There, I'm back after a big birthday week. Trying to catch up a little on my blogging.

    Gorgeous set of birds--even the big metal one in the sky!!!!! Love the butterflies also....AND--the video!!!! Thanks!

  14. Very nice finds here. Looks like a lovely day out with so many wonderful finds!!!! Especially the Lapwing!!!

  15. Brilliant amounts of sea birds, and the video is beautiful.

  16. So many beautiful birds and butterflies. I especially admired the picture of the willow warbler. Warblers don't sit still long, and you achieved very good focus in spite of the branches between you and the bird.

  17. Beautiful birds and butterflies! I also enjoyed the video.

  18. I think a sandwich tern has a yellow tip on its black beak. I don't see that.

    LOVE all the great images of birds. And the butterflies are pretty. Wow...super post Margaret. Thanks for linking up this weekend at the Bird D'Pot!! Have a great week ahead.

  19. Lovely serie of photos, a lot to study!

  20. Feathered (and winged) enchantment. Except for the big bird which doesn't have my heart in the same way as the others...

  21. Beautiful shots of the shorebirds and butterflies, Margaret.

  22. What a large variety of winged things! I love to watch planes take-off and land, though not so many places to view them any more.

  23. Great set of pictures - jealous that you get to see the waders in breeding plumage - dont really see that all the way down here.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  24. I can't tell you enough how much I have enjoyed these amazing photos this morning Margaret. A lovely variety of birds always and your photos are brilliant, so sharp with such detail. Butterflies and bees also brilliant, and not forgetting that sweet little 7 spot ladybird. Enjoyable video too. Thank you, this is a great post!

  25. Wonderful selection of bird and butterfly photos Margaret. I especially liked the ones of the Dunlins and reflections :)